If you missed Disney/Pixar’s Halloween television special “Toy Story of TERROR” last week, don’t fret. There are plenty more showings to come. Additional airings will appear on Disney’s cable networks throughout the month of October, with one more in late November.

The TV short received critical acclaim after its October 16th original debut, proving that the 18 year old franchise still has the ability to captivate and entertain young audiences – and their parents too.  They produced a funny, suspenseful, short with all the heart of the Toy Story feature length films and crammed it all into a half hour special.

“Toy Story of TERROR” borrows from stereotypical Halloween themed movies, which only enhances its charm. The show follows the old gang as they embark on a road trip with their owner Bonnie and her mother, when a flat tire forces them to spend the night in a roadside motel.  One of the toys goes missing, and the others begin to search for it, but they too are picked off one by one until only Jessie is left who is faced with the challenge of rescuing her lost pals.

With little actual “terror” in the show this is a Halloween special that even youngsters are likely to enjoy. Certainly nothing is as visually terrifying in the special as Sid’s doll creations of nightmarish  proportions and his vicious dog from the original Toy Story.

The special sees  Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Joan Cusack, Don Rickles, Wallace Shawn, Timothy Dalton, and Kristen Schaal reprising their original roles. Joan Cusack’s performance as Jessie in the “Toy Story of TERROR” is of particular note. Sit down with the kids and tune in to one of the following dates to watch the adventure unfold.

October 25th, 8pm EDT: Disney Channel

October 26th, 11am EDT: Disney Channel

October 28th, 7:30pm EDT: Disney XD

October 29th, 7pm EDT: Disney XD

October 30th, 7:30pm EDT: Disney Junior

October 31st, 5pm EDT: Disney Junior

November 27th, 9:45pm EDT: Disney Channel

Image: pixar.wikia.com



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