Chenonceaux Castle in France

Your studio is your workplace, and also as a voice actor, it’s your castle!

When so much of your time and energy is spent behind the microphone, now may be the perfect moment to consider how you can make your studio not only an abode but an inspiring environment that serves as a muse for your performances.

Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Merry Merchants of Voice Over!

Personalizing and revitalizing your workspace is a new frontier for many of you.
Collectively, the only goal that has been set so far in the area of home recording studios is the building of a booth or the acquisition of tools that help you sound your best, but so far no one has really touched on the aesthetics of the home studio and connected them to how the ambience you work in may affect your performance.

Today we’re going to take a step into the fashion world and take a look at some neat ways you can personalize your studio, including decor, furnishings, and style that’s functional (and affordable) with a focus on ergonomic use. One great place to look around for crafty additions to your studio is I was scoping some items out there myself this morning and thought it was an interesting spot to find unique decorations etc. to match any personality and theme.

Your Studio With the Emphasis on “YOUR”

You want to make your studio a place where you can comfortably work, be refreshed, and find inspiration. Does your studio need some more “you” in it?
Consider the following:


๏ Family photos
๏ Art
๏ Wall hangings / tapestries
๏ Throws
๏ Accent pillows
๏ Carpeting
๏ Vases
๏ Figurines
๏ Candles

Functional and Fashionable Furnishings

๏ Chairs
๏ Desks
๏ Lamps and Lighting
๏ Stands for scripts
๏ Microphone stands
๏ Portable studio for on the road

Accessories and Supplies

๏ Desktop organizers
๏ Business card holder
๏ CDs, Stationary, Business Cards


๏ Greenery
๏ Flowers
๏ Sunlight
๏ Windows

Hidden Benefits

Some of the furnishings, decor, accessories and natural elements listed above come with brilliant benefits other than their physical attributes such as additional soundproofing, a touch of the organic, and many will possess the innate gift that creates a “feel good” state of mind for you when you’re working and put a smile on your face as you get down to business each day. A fresh coat of paint may just be the ticket to an energized studio to get you through the winter in good spirits. Who doesn’t love a newly painted room every so often?

Affordable Comfort With Personality

It doesn’t have to cost a lot for your studio reflect more of your personality. You can make use of things from around your house and incorporate them into your workspace. A little can go a long way. When you are creating a work space, be sure that it is comfortable, that there is enough light (a mix of natural and artificial light is good) and has sufficient ventilation.

How have you personalized your workspace?

I’m inviting you to do two things:
1. Add a comment about how you have personalized your studio.
2. Send me an email with a picture of your studio environment and I’ll write an article next week featuring the studios submitted 🙂 Email me at and use the subject line : “Home Studio Pic for VOX Daily”.
Looking forward to getting a glimpse into your home studios!
Best wishes,
© Pelaez Torres


  1. My booth is a cave. It is dark, cramped, and hot. No doubt I need to do some decorating, as well as finding a better way of lighting and ventilating it. Any suggestions on those last two?

  2. Hi Erik,
    The picture is of Chenonceaux Castle in France; nice castle with and nice grounds, too.
    By the way, those are awesome! For anyone who didn’t visit the link Erik included, you can buy microphone light fixtures. The site describes it as:
    “the SOLO pendant light is a re-mix of the classic microphone as light fixture. the mesh top emits a soft disco like glow. hang over a bed or table to create atmosphere, or above turntable for reading disc labels.”
    Cost: $236.00
    I’d be interested to hear of other products like this.
    Let’s keep the conversation going!
    P.S. If anyone has tips for lighting and ventilating, please share them in response to mrboma

  3. Hi, Stephanie! My stunning soundproof studio with its Parisian decorating scheme is my favorite room in the house! We added a room onto the house and used soundproofing techniques in its construction. The room is filled with custom-framed prints and paintings, mostly featuring my favorite thing, the Eiffel Tower. I also have a lead crystal Eiffel Tower, silk flowers, a picture of Drew and me on the desk, some items from our travels, and my collection of Hard Rock Cafe pins of microphones.
    I have a page on my web site dedicated to the studio tour containing pictures and description:
    Thanks for writing about this topic It will be interesting to see the variety of studios.
    Karen Commins

  4. My booth is pretty straight-forward, since it’s too small to incorporate anything else than the basics. However, I have a secret weapon of my own: offently either my dog or my cat sleeps on the floor while I’m recording. If they don’t snore too much and mess up the sound, that’s what make me feel at home and comfortable working in there.


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