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Video: How to Create Proposal Templates

In this video we are going to talk about the proposal. The proposal is is a small but important part of the audition process. It’s a short message, almost like a mini cover letter, that you send in with your voice-over auditions.

How Do You Start Completing a Proposal?

In order to submit an audition, we need to complete the proposal section at the top.

Our first tip is to create a proposal template! This can save you plenty of time in the future when auditioning for similar job types.

Under the Messages menu you can visit your templates folder and here’s where you can either create new templates, or edit existing ones.

There are so many different types of jobs on Voices that you’ll want to have different templates for different categories: broadcast vs. non-broadcast, public jobs vs. private jobs, and more. Having different templates for different categories can save you a lot of time while auditioning.

How to Create a Proposal Template

It’s simple enough to create one! Just follow these steps:  

  1. Click on “Add Template”.
  2. Start by giving your proposal a subject line, the client doesn’t see this, but it will help you to tell one proposal apart from another. Next you’ll write the proposal itself.
  3. Your proposal is your chance to both communicate with the client and also sell your services.  It’s a good idea to include any experience you have and also any background you have that’s unique to this project.  You’ll also want to include any additional services you can provide such as copywriting, translation, or even your availability for a client-directed session.
  4. Click save to keep your new proposal template.

Using Your Proposal Templates

Now that we’ve created some templates, let’s put them to work! Hover over jobs, click on hiring, click on the title of the job, and then on reply to job. You’ll see the Response page.

On the Response page, your templates are saved in a dropdown menu. Choose a template and it will auto populate the proposal field.

You can use the template as is or customize it to the particular job posting.

Sometimes a client will outline certain requirements or questions in their job description. They could be regarding availability, location, or conflict of interest. Always remember to address these in your proposal.

It’s Your Voice That Really Matters

In the end, it will be your audition that wins you the job. However, you’ll always want to have a well-written proposal to support your auditions and increase your chances of getting booked!

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