ChameleonEver find that no matter how hard you try, achieving the right sound or read eludes you during an audition?

Do you think that your interpretation may sometimes be responsible for what fails to get you bookings?
Top voice over coach Nancy Wolfson recently shared tips on how you can adjust your interpretation to get more voice over gigs.
Interested in learning more?
Read on!

Auditioning Blues

You’re sitting down in front of the mic and are about to perform some copy for an audition.
Perhaps you’ve made some markings and have envisioned your audience.
Although you’re prepared, when the time comes, something happens in your playback that makes you feel uncomfortable… your read doesn’t sound anything like what you were going for!

When this happens, and it does happen to even the best of us, it’s remarkably easy to throw in the towel and write off the audition as if you don’t have a chance of booking. You may be drained of your emotional energy, regret the time spent auditioning, and feel as though you can’t do anything right.
Nothing could be further from the truth!
What if I were to tell you that there is a way around this quandary to achieving more positive results?

Adjusting Your Interpretation To Book Your Brand

In episode 94 of Voice Over Experts, Nancy Wolfson teaches you how to turn the tables on the copy by changing the audience you’re directing your read to, serving as an effective way to creatively communicate the meaning behind the text as well a unique method for stretching your interpretive muscles.
Remember, everything is relative!
Have a listen and see what I mean:

Download Voice Over Experts Episode 94 »

Any Thoughts On This?

I’d love to hear if you’ve tried this technique and how it has worked out for you 🙂
Looking forward to your reply!
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  1. Great advice! I have the opposite problem as the caller, a VERY sarcastic nature and natural tone so my challenge is in the happier reads. This tip works for both ends of the spectrum, so thanks!

  2. In all of the workshops I have attended during the past two years of my post-Navy new career preparation I do not remember one coach suggesting this novel approach; maybe I dozed off during class. It is such a simple, and obvious method of adjustment, I have slapped myself on the forehead and said, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Thank you Nancy, for being smarter than the average bear.

  3. Thanks for this article, it really hits home. But, I have a question. How do I know when the pace is right? I’m new at the voice over business, but have been acting for years. But sometimes when I listen to what I’ve recorded for an audition, I think the pace is off. I listen again, and think, no that’s not so bad. Is there a good way to judge pacing?


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