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When you shop online, what do you find helps to build trust before making a purchase?
By thinking like a consumer, you’ll be able to add a significant amount of trust through your words, testimonials and feedback ratings and reviews.
Learn more about how you can create a glowing first impression of what you offer and how others perceive your work in this third installment of our Voices.com Profile Basics 101 series.

What Other People Think Does Matter!

You might have heard in life that you shouldn’t care too much about what other people think, and to a great degree, that’s true… just not when it comes to promoting your business or helping others to define their perception of what you offer as a business.
To round out this series on how to get the most out of your Voices.com profile, we’ll take a quick look at some things you can do to make your Feedback page stand out for all the right reasons.

Building Trust

This section of your profile lets people know more about experiences other people have had working with you through Feedback ratings and reviews, testimonials and a client list.

Feedback Ratings and Reviews

Feedback ratings and reviews at Voices.comFeedback ratings and reviews can only be received when someone hires you at Voices.com and chooses to pay through the site.

All transactions that go through the site using our SurePay escrow service qualify to have feedback ratings and reviews posted on a per project basis. Buyers and sellers can detail their experiences in a testimonial format (review) and also provide a star rating indicative of their overall experience working together at the site.
An additional benefit of going this route, aside from having a feedback rating that accompanies your profile and auditions, is that your profile will be featured on the Voices.com home page on the “Recently Hired” list. Since real estate cannot be purchased on our home page, getting on one of the three lists (Recently Hired, Favorites, and New) is a great opportunity.


Testimonials can easily be added when editing your profile. These can be from clients who have worked with you before. If you’ve worked for people in the past as a voice artist but don’t have any testimonials to speak of, be sure to ask your clients for something that you can use in your promotional materials.
I’ve included a couple of links below to articles that will help you acquire testimonials and teach you how to add them to your profile at Voices.com.
When should you ask for testimonials?
How to add testimonials to your Voices.com profile
Add a testimonial by editing your Voices.com profile

Client List

Again, this is something that you can add on your own when editing your profile. If you’ve been in the business for a long time, you might just want to include a partial client list. You don’t need to add an exhaustive list of clients but you’re welcome to do that if you wish! Something you can do in addition to simply naming the company is also to include a short description of what you did for them. For instance, if you were the voice of a national campaign, you might want to say what it was.

If you’d like to add some clients to your list to help build more trust, simply edit your profile to add them in. This may go without saying but only add clients for whom you have not signed non-disclosure agreements. If you aren’t sure, ask them if you can post that you’ve done work for them publicly.

What’s Next?

In the next couple of posts, you’ll learn more about how you can be promoting your profile and hear about some free resources from Voices.com to help you along your way! We’ll be addressing the finer points of using social media for getting your profile out there as well as tips for optimizing your web presence for the search engines.
Learn more about these new resources in tomorrow’s posting. Stay subscribed!
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