Blonde haired woman smilingIn a previous article, we talked about the benefits of hiring or apprenticing an aspiring voice talent. The response was so great that I decided to write a follow up article on the subject.

Today, we’re going to look at how that aspiring talent can present themselves for opportunities working with companies in the voice over industry, identifying six of the most appropriate placement venues in the industry.
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Treat This Like Any Other Job Interview

When people enter the arts they have expectations, many of which may be misconceptions, about what actually goes on in an artistic business.
The most important thing to remember is that voice over, voice acting, and so on is a business. People in a position to hire you will be looking for the same basic qualities in an employee or intern as any other business would.
In no particular order, I’ve assembled 6 advantageous voice over related businesses that will give you valuable experience and be a perfect fit for those interested in gaining more experience in the field.

6 Businesses That May Apprentice or Hire Voice Talent

๏ Recording Studios
๏ Casting Houses / Casting Directors
๏ Talent Agencies
๏ Voice Over Talent
๏ Voice Over Coaches
๏ Service Providers

Recording Studios

A recording studio would be a unique place to gain perspective on the technical side of voice over. At a studio you might be able to watch actual recording sessions and listen to professionals at work. Becoming familiar with the technology you’ll be using ahead of time is a definite plus that will help you to become more independent. You’ll also learn more about the process as a whole and develop a greater respect for how hard audio and sound engineers work to make you sound good.

Casting Houses and Casting Directors

Nowhere else could you get the inside scoop on casting trends better than in a casting house. These companies are responsible for organizing casting calls and auditioning talent with a casting director. You may be able to observe the auditioning process and see firsthand what directors look for in a read and also gain invaluable insight into how the business works from the inside out. Take the information you’ve acquired and be sure to incorporate it into your own business for better audition to booking ratios.

Talent Agencies

Enjoying representation with talent agent is one of the most desirable pistons in your engine as a voice over talent. What better way to get into that world than working for a talent agency? These people are right in the middle of the action and could teach you a thing or two about how talent should present themselves to potential clients. You may also get to see the kind of materials that are sent to agents by those seeking representation. Find out what works and learn from the mistakes of those whose demos end up in the garbage bin.

Voice Over Talent

These are the people you truly want to learn from as mentors, after all, aren’t they already doing what you hope to do someday as a profession? By working with a voice talent who is already established, you will get to see both the business, technical, and artistic side of their work. Tasks you may be asked to do may include taking calls while they are recording, submitting auditions on their behalf, editing audio files, sending out marketing materials to their customers, or managing ad campaigns.

Voice Over Coaches

Coaches are great people to work for because they already value education and will see that you get everything you need while you are with them to succeed. A coach may need you to organize their class schedule, book clients, promote workshops, or even send out email newsletters to their students about upcoming opportunities to train. Their generous nature will do you good and introduce you to numerous possibilities in their area of expertise.

Service Providers

The voice over industry is not just about creativity and audio production, it can also be about marketing, building links, and public relations. If you prefer working with a creative business that involves creative yet business focused people, you might want to consider a position working with companies that provide services or products as opposed to the performance related entities mentioned above. Examples of this could be advertising agencies, voice over marketplaces, associations, performers unions, and retailers for recording studio equipment.

Are You Looking to Hire or Apprentice Anyone?

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