Figure connecting two wiresDid you know that if you comment on blogs you can increase your website’s search engine rankings in Google, Yahoo! and MSN?

Link love is a great thing.
It’s what happens when you get a link to your website.
You want to get this boost whenever you can…
Want to learn more?
Here’s how!

How To Get Some “Link Love”

1. Comment on blogs and be sure to link to your website (a great thing to do)
2. Comment on blogs within your industry and link back (even better for search engine optimization)
3. Do a link exchange
4. Be written about on another blog
5. Be mentioned on a podcast

Give & Take

Do you blog or podcast? Be generous with your links as your generosity will always come back to you. Do you comment on blogs or podcasts? Become a regular contributor and vital part of the community.

Maybe you’ve been holding back and have never commented. Now is the time to start!
This kind of conversation is good for everyone, including the content producer (blogger or podcaster) and their community.
Looking forward to “hearing” from you.
Take your pick 🙂
Comment on VOX Daily
Comment on Voice Over Experts
Comment on VOX Talk
Comment on The Biz
Comment on Ask The Voice Cat
Comment on Master VO
Comment on Voice Over Times


  1. Hi Stephanie,
    You are spot on with your advice! Just this week, I linked my blog to my website. In addition, for the several testimonials that were already on my website, I decided to link the names attached to each comment to their web sites! When I checked on Traffic Facts the next morning (through, I was astounded to see the traffic on the web site had risen by….are you ready….300%! I hope everyone takes advantage of this tidbit, as it really skyrockets online marketing!


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