FavoritesRecently, I was asked about getting on the Favorites list, one of three voice actor listing pages linked off of the Voices.com home page.

These listings update on a daily basis.
Favorites is one of the more rewarding yet challenging lists to get featured on which is why I thought it would be good to write about this topic.
Do you want to know how to get listed in the Top 100?

You might have noticed the Movers & Shakers area featured on the Voices.com home page showcasing the Top 10 with links to the Top 100. There are three categories, including “New”, “Recently Hired”, and “Favorites”. Today, I’d like to focus on the Favorites list with the goal of explaining some of the intricacies of how it works as well as share information about how you can be featured on it.

One of the key factors regarding the Favorites list is its ability to fluctuate depending on the Favorites rankings of individual voice actors. Unlike the “New” or “Recently Hired” list, the Favorites list is somewhat out of a member’s direct control, however, you can take steps to increase a ranking on the Favorites list.

Favorites List Algorithm
The reason why some listings in the Favorites list fluctuate vigorously while others do not is relative to the number of times a talent has been added as a Favorite. The order of the people in the top 10 tends to fluctuate less because there are more votes separating each position, thus making it more difficult to crack the top 10. Conversely, people who are listed in other ranges tend to see their ratings shoot up or down because their number of times being Favorited varies less and perhaps only a few votes separate one person from another.
Clients can both add and remove members from their Favorites so that might also be reason for the fluctuation that occurs.

What is keeping some quality talent out of the Top 100?
One of the easiest ways that a voice talent can climb this list is to be added to a client’s Favorites through the auditioning process. If someone isn’t auditioning for work or auditions rarely, they stand less of a chance of being heard, identified as someone with a great voice, and ultimately added to a client’s Favorites. Not to give too much secret sauce away, but some talent take care to speak directly through their proposals or on their profiles to clients and specifically mention that if the client likes what they hear (whether an audition or voice over demo at the Voices.com website) to add them to their Favorites list for future reference.

It all comes down to marketing and self-promotion.

Those two factors combined with talent and consistency will help significantly with regard to getting more exposure on the Voices.com website.

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  1. Stephanie,
    Someone just pointed out to me that I am ranked in the voices.com TOP 100 “Favorites” list… so I went over to check it out and… voila!
    I must be doing SOMETHING right!
    Voices.com rocks! Thanks to all of the potential voice-seekers out there who’ve made me a “fave!”
    -JC Haze

  2. haha congrat JC !
    Well as Chinese Mandarin/Cantonese covers vertical market of voice over, not included yet but good article, ‘favoritize’ me and try the awesome demos !
    – Barbara
    Chinese Mandarin/Cantonese


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