Clients of Voice ActorsHow are voice actors found and who hires them?
What do clients look for and are there any similarities?
Learn more about the kinds of jobs voice actors are hired for and the kind of businesses that are researching the voice over industry and progressively going online to work with voice actors directly at voice over marketplaces.
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Clients who purchase voice over services can be from any industry, country, and speak a variety of languages. Since the need for audio production is universal as well as the need for voice overs, the global market of clients creates an enormous demand for voice actors who provide quality voice over recordings to represent their company, organization, or event.

Clients hire voice over talent to record for television, radio, podcasts, video games, audio books, film, animation, telephone, corporate presentations, narration and other purposes. While some of that information is common knowledge, it may be a good time to analyze why it is that people who need to hire voice actors are choosing to do so online through voice over marketplaces.

For some, it’s all about convenience. They can be anywhere in the world, login to their accounts and post a job or review responses submitted to them without having to even pick up a phone. With the ability to do business online a substantial amount of time is saved.

For others, it’s about saving money. Why go through an advertising agency or talent agent if you can go direct to the source? In some cases, clients who go this route are even more generous with their budget because the funds weren’t divided between several different people.

Or, it’s all about staying on message. It’s not surprising that companies want to provide creative input and direction. Some organizations have people on staff who are responsible for voice casting and project management, an asset that saves them time, money and also enables creative control.

Many clients who use agencies to hire talent on their behalf miss out on being able to communicate directly with the voice actor, perhaps not even pick the voice that they want. Using a voice over marketplace to find a voice actor provides a client with unlimited choice and possibilities unheard of if working with an agency. People who use voice over marketplaces are early adopters and Internet savvy. They likely use other online services to conduct business with and generally have a corporate website of their own. These people are familiar with the Internet and are able to use it effectively to meet their goals.

These people, for the most part, are also comfortable using online payment systems to purchase products or services. A growing number of these people grew up with the Internet, so the concept of searching, finding and making purchases online is a part of their lives or second nature to them. When it comes to hiring a voice actor online clients are likely to do so in one of three ways.

1. Searching
2. Posting a Job
3. Contacting a Voice Actor Directly

For a client who needs to hire a voice actor, a voice over marketplace meets all of their business needs and fulfills their project requirements while ensuring their satisfaction in a timely and cost-effective manner. The beauty of being able to work directly with a voice actor for the client is that they can also build a long-term business relationship with them.

First of all, they know who they hired, their contact details, and can easily refer them to colleagues who need a voice over recorded. Secondly, a bond is forged with that voice actor. The voice actor understands what it is that the client wants and can consistently deliver audio to meet their needs as well as help their client with other multimedia projects.
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  1. Thank you so much for this incredibly helpful set of articles. I am just getting started in voice overs and am recording my demo in a couple of weeks. These articles have answered many of my questions and concerns. They’ve also given me a lot to consider!


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