Anne BeckerAs you may have noticed over the past couple of days, a lot about being a successful business has to do a great deal with having a solid vision, living that vision and inspiring others to help you to meet your goals.

Anne Becker, former CEO of the London Public Library, gave a very impressive lecture on what it takes to be a leader who can instill passion and purpose as well as gather a group of committed people who contribute to make the vision a reality.

The first thing a business person needs to realize is that it’s not all about them, it’s about the team. Coming from a background where she had once been a General Manager and twice a CEO, Anne Becker was able to express from her own experience just what it means to rally people behind your cause, business or purpose.

How Does This Relate to Voice Actors?

Most voice actors work on their own with little to no collaboration, however, the people you are working for or are working with need to be good leaders, listeners, communicators and participants, not just artists.

What Do People Expect From Leaders?

๏ Inspiration
๏ Communication
๏ Clarity
๏ Direction
๏ Ability to prioritize
๏ Encouragement
๏ An open mind

How Can You Do Your Part?

Make sure that you can remain focused, staying true to the vision and using strategies to streamline the process and add more value.
Execute on what you say you are going to do to align all efforts and empower your team.
In order to make magic, there needs to be cooperation and a firm foundation of trust and mutual respect.

What Happens if People Do Not Cooperate?

There is a huge cost, including:
๏ Not reaching full potential
๏ Failure to engage
๏ Waste of human resources (talent and skill)
๏ An open mind

Leadership Matters

Anyone can be given a leadership role but not all people are good leaders or lead well.
That being said, leadership is not something you are born with, it’s a skill you develop over time that presents new adventures and challenges along the way as you increase your field of influence and foster relationships with other people. Learning how to lead effectively and passionately is a good skill for anyone. You can be a leader within your family, your community, place of worship, organization or corporation.

I attended this conference because although I am not the CEO of our company, I am a leader in my own right within, and as I’ve come to realize, within the industry as well.
Being in the presence of such accomplished women was exciting and encouraging. The fact that I was able to participate and speak directly with them at the event was particularly special.

Finding the Voice of Leadership Within Yourself

To be a strong, authentic leader, you first need to be clear on:
๏ Develop your Vision
๏ Be Disciplined
๏ Have Passion
๏ Follow your Conscience

See all of the possibilities and identify how you can make a difference. To have a vision and lead with your vision, you need to be a dreamer, a people believer, an enabler, empower others, be hopeful and strategic. People seek leadership from those whose vision and passion comes straight from the heart, a vision that is crystal clear, authentic and committed.
I pray that as I continue to grow in my role I will have your support. Thank you for reading this series of lectures. I hope they’ve been of service to you!

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