Did you know that when you audition at, you don’t need to type in a new proposal message from scratch each and every time?
If you haven’t discovered and made use of this feature, Templates is the private storage area of your account that can be used to create and store text templates used for audition purposes.
It’s really easy to use! Learn more about Templates and how they can speed up the auditioning process here at VOX Daily.


As we briefly covered earlier in this article, you can prepare ready-to-use audition proposals called Templates stored privately within your account at to be used when replying to job opportunities posted at the site.
To add a note to your Templates, visit your account and click on the Profile tab and then click on the link called Templates.

Good To Know

๏ The New link in Templates allows you to create a new template
๏ Edit allows you to edit an existing template
๏ Delete allows you to remove an existing template

How Do I Create a Proposal Template?

๏ To create a new template click on New
๏ Give your template a name, ex. “Commercial Audition” template
๏ Once finished click Save and this template will be listed in the template drop down list ready to use when you are auditioning for a job
* You can also create a template from the actual auditioning screen

What Should a Proposal Include?

A proposal should include:
๏ A greeting to the client (by name if possible)
๏ An introduction of yourself
๏ Why you’re interested in the project
๏ List a job or client that relates to the type of project you’re auditioning for
๏ Your quote or an explanation of your quoting method

Sample Template

Check out this screen shot. I have the full proposal for you to use in text below but wanted you to see these words in action as they would appear on the auditioning screen.


Full Proposal
Dear Client Name,
Thank you for the opportunity to be the voice of your project. I’ve recorded a custom sample of the script for your consideration.
This project is of great interest to me as I am familiar with your industry. It would be my pleasure to help realize your vision and bring your script to life.
Should you have any questions, feel free to contact me through
Looking forward to working with you,
Voice Actor

Practical Application

This is where things get exciting… you have direct access to your created templates each time you audition.
For those of you who already make use of this feature on a regular basis, you know how well it saves time and effort when auditioning.
At this point, all you need to do is select the template you feel is most suited to the job you are applying for from a drop down box and then customize the proposal as necessary.

Do You Use the Templates Feature? How Has Templates Helped You?

Looking forward to hearing from you,

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