Incredible HulkLet’s just say that computer graphics have made a few leaps and bounds since the original HULK came out. Nonetheless, HULK is a beloved, well maybe not beloved, but at least well liked and enduring figure, even now, and though we are in the 21st century, there are still basic shades of the original HULK that are infused in both the movie and the video game. The video game comes out today.

There are some awesome features that are part of the movie and the video game. A few of those features have been preview released by SEGA in advance. For instance, players can become the HULK and create whatever powerful destruction they feel is necessary – in fact, they can demolish anything in their path and then use it as a weapon. – including demolishing buildings with their (HULK’s) bare hands.

Then there’s rage. Rage creates power, and players can create the rage that HULK needs to use his ultimate power. The scale is powerful, as well. New York is at scale and realistic with the skyscrapers allowing for exciting vertical play, while Bi-Beast and the Abomination challenge the HULK’s power.

The best features are that the world is dynamic and open, providing a next generation open representation of Manhattan – which gives the player a stunning playground on which to play the game and other mini games within the overall game. The best feature of all is that the voices of the characters from the movie are used in the video, enhancing the realistic feeling.

If you are looking for a great games and want some awesome previews, got to the SEGA site – which has gone interactive – and there are a couple of good Hulk Video Game sites on line, as well.


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