This week software training firm Infinite Skills released its “Learning Pro Tools 11 Tutorial,” an introductory course covering all of the essential tools used in common applications of this leading sound recording software.

Widely used by audio recording professionals and musicians, Pro Tools is one of the leading digital audio workstations in the production process for recording, editing and mixing. Pro Tools 11 provides updated and new features with 64-bit processing and re-tooled audio and video engines.

The “Learning Pro Tools 11 Tutorial” provides more than six hours of intensive, expert-guided Pro Tools fundamentals, exploring all the tools and techniques for using Pro Tools in live and studio settings, as well as integrating with a video timeline for soundtracks.

Recording software can seem daunting to the uninitiated but Infinite Skills designs their courses to be task-oriented, allowing the viewer to learn complex skills with guided hands-on tutorials as they carry out actions in a self-paced learning environment from the comfort of their homes.

The course was written by Apple Pro Certified Final Cut Pro Joe Godfrey, who is an accomplished musician and composer best known for his work in advertising. In 2008, Godfrey accepted the position of Academic Director of the Web Design and Interactive Media Department at the Art Institute of California at San Diego, and in 2009 became the Academic Director of the Audio Production Program.

After covering Pro Tools basics Godfrey demonstrates how to customize the program by using its file structure, preferences, navigation features, and more. To begin illustrating how to record in Pro Tools, Godfrey then looks at simple voice recording, explaining input options, setting up a cue, and other basic effects and features for voice recording. From there, the course advances to working with music tracks, explaining how to work with tempo and matching, performing edits, and using fades and crossfades.

“Whether you’re recording a band, mixing live, or alone at your desk composing, or if you’re a sound designer working for radio or theatre, protools can do all this stuff,” Godfrey says. “This course is designed to provide a basic skill set to use Pro Tools in all these recording situations.”

Free demo videos and a full list of course contents can be found on the Learning Pro Tools 11 training page at

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