Contrast Films LogoEver wanted to know more about the casting side of the business from a client perspective?

Today, I’m sharing an interview I did with Jordy Wax of Contrast Films, letting you in on his very first experience at, some surprises, and also why he hired the person he did and how you can position yourself as the ideal candidate for the job.

Interview with Jordy Wax of Contrast Films

VOX: Thank you for joining me here on VOX Daily, Jordy! I was excited to hear from my colleague Ben Jackson that you had a wonderful experience at recently when you posted a job to hire a voice talent. How did you come to find and why did you choose our service?
JORDY WAX: I was referred to by a friend, and after listening to a few demos, I decided to post a job.

VOX: There are a number of ways to search for talent at the site and I was curious to learn why you chose to post a job. What were the immediate benefits in your opinion that led you to post a casting call?
JW: Since this was a rush job I was posting, I didn’t have time to search for talent. I found it easier to have the talent come to me.

VOX: Your project (Job ID 16283) was a safety script for a promotional video that required a straight read with an element of excitement! Did you favour custom demos (recorded samples of your script) over generic samples? Why or why not?
JW: I absolutely favored the custom samples! Hearing my name and my client’s name in the sample was a big plus to me. Plus, customized samples helped me visualize the project when I got to hear parts of my script.

VOX: When you were reviewing your submissions did you find that the most favourable responses had anything in common with each other? If so, what was it about these responses that made them most appealing to you?
JW: Again, the submissions that caught my attention were the customized samples. It also caught my attention to hear the talent talk to me about the sample before it was read.

VOX: Was there anything that surprised you when using the site? If so, please elaborate.
JW: The biggest surprise for me was the insanely awesome turnaround time! I posted the job, and within 4 hours of it being approved I had a final product. Whoa.

VOX: You mentioned to Ben on the phone that a number of voice talent emailed you trying to entice you to do business outside of in order to avoid paying the SurePay fee and save 10%. In response, you told them that you preferred to pay through our escrow service! Why did you pay the escrow fee and what are the benefits of doing so as a client seeking voice over services online?
JW: I like the idea of the escrow service. It gave me peace of mind knowing there wasn’t a risk in paying new talent without getting a product I wanted.

VOX: Drumroll, please…. what in particular made Kyle Wilson stand out? Was there anything he did differently that made you gravitate toward hiring him? In other words, what let you know that Kyle was the right person to hire and to record the voice over?
JW: Kyle stood out because his voice sounded genuine and professional, without the “epic radio” sound. While I love those types of voices, that wasn’t what this project called for. Kyle really knocked the sample out of the park, and it was a no-brainer for me to go with him.

VOX: This was your first experience using and I’m thrilled that things worked out so beautifully for you. Based upon the service received, would you use again and or recommend us to others? Why or why not?
JW: I have another script that will be finalized very shortly, and I will definitely being using again. The wide variety of professional talent, paired with quick turnaround time, makes for a great service!

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Every day, people like Jordy Wax come to to achieve their goals and we’re thrilled that we can serve them. We’re also grateful for our talent who help us to deliver on our promise, ensuring that all who come in search of the perfect voice have their needs met, and more often than not, their expectations exceeded!

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  1. Stephanie – I think this is very useful information, and would love to see a lot more of this type of interview. For someone new to the service and business, it really helps paint the picture from both sides. As no two employers will be exactly the same, it would be valuable to see a number of these type of intervals to help identify what key factors keep coming up again and again.
    I’d also love to read or hear from some of our voices out there about how they analyzed, approached, recorded, auditioned and won audition gig. It would be very useful to me to hear the thought process and approach taken by some of our successful members when auditioning.
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Hi Stephanie,
    I appreciated this interview. It’s always really helpful to hear what the Voice Seeker has to say.
    I wanted to respond to one issue in particular—which I came to understand clearly for the first time Just Last Night.
    You mention talent trying to “talk the clients out of going thru Voices escrow system to save them 10%”.
    I had both an audition (this past week end) and a gig (last night) that requested immediate turn around.
    I told them I thought this might necessitate having to work outside the system in order to avoid having to “jump through all the hoops”.
    Well, I was completely surprised last night to learn just how Quickly one actually can complete the entire process Using the System! I’ll never again let that concern me, even when a client says they need extremely Quick, or Immediate turn around.
    I hope this helps others out there, who may have had the same thought. Thanks for all you do to make this a great experience for all involved!
    Best Regards,
    Matilda Novak

  3. Hello Stephanie!
    Jill here!
    I just wanted to let you know that I read this blog post, and the writing is fabulous. It is so interesting to hear what you folks at are up to.

  4. Stephanie,
    Great inside look at how voice seekers think and work. I happened to have auditioned for this gig and it is enlightening and educational to read Jordy’s comments…plus I took a listen to Kyle Wilson’s demos: whoa dude you’re good!

  5. Stephanie,
    Thanks for this interview. I’d also like to hear more from the seekers. Reading that Jordy Wax liked hearing his and the client’s name on the audio surprised me. I’ve been told not to do this because the seekers don’t have time to listen to all of the greetings.


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