Partners_Badge_Logo_1024x1024.jpgHave you ever wondered how you can better leverage your relationship with
Are you interested in expanding your audience and having a further global reach?
Today, we’re pleased to introduce the Partner Programs!
Whether you’re looking for a referral program, need help with content, are interested in working with our technology, or need expert training for your students on casting voice-overs – there’s a program available for you.
We’re interested in working with businesses whose cornerstone for what they do is based on innovation, excellence and integrity. If you’re passionate about your business, your customers, and your industry – we want to hear from you.
In today’s VOX Daily we are speaking with Randy Nordgren, Partner Account Manager, as he explains how your business can benefit from partnering with the world’s largest online voice-over marketplace.

How will partnering with benefit other organizations?

Over the last 10 years, has built a reputation for connecting people, and our Partner Program continues with that mandate. We want to be able to work with organizations so they can further connect and expand their relationships with their clients/members/audience with great content, preferred pricing, expanded offerings and creative new ways. Some of our current partners even have the opportunity to integrate our service with theirs to help build out their product offerings and give them a fierce competitive advantage in their respective marketplace, let it be for a trade association, production house or even a new technology solution.

Who should consider joining the Partner Program?

The organizations that we see having the largest benefit to working with us are those who have an audience of people or companies that need voice-over in their daily duties. It really does vary from media publications, to content providers like audio and sound effect production houses, to even the cool new technology company that may work with people building their own videos or rich media content. That’s the beauty of the program; there is a lot of derived value and it isn’t isolated to one group as we have different style of programs for the different unique objectives of the partners.

What are the benefits of working with as a partner?

What I’m most excited about for the new Program is how varied the scope of returns is that we can offer our partners. We can offer simple content such as articles or best practice guides, or even expand that out to free webinars on key topics. For taking on new channel and promotional partners, we can offer preferred pricing for members or profit sharing on programs, and even get as complicated as full product integration. The fact that we offer small and simple relationships at the same time as large and fully integrated ones allows us the ability to work with partners to do what they want, not just what we want, making the relationship truly mutually beneficial.

What is your role? How do you help facilitate the programs?

Randy.JPGI work as the Partner Account Manager, so I help work with each partner, right from the start when they apply or contact us, to the full realization of the program. I act as a liaison to make sure that we are building the right program and we are dedicating the right resources to make sure it is successful.
I have the best job in the world as I just get to help people build their businesses and achieve their objectives, some they couldn’t realize until utilizing a partner like us, so it’s very rewarding.

How can people apply?

If you’re interested in learning more, head over to our new Partner Page. You can get in-depth information about each program and how we can work together to help your business grow. You can also submit a form to apply for partnership or you can reach out to me directly if you have any questions. You can call toll free at 1-888-359-3472 Ext 559 or email me at randy.nordgren at

Thanks Randy!

Thank you, Randy, for introducing the program. For those interested in joining as a Partner, we look forward to working with you!
All the best,


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