Have the heavens graced your city with white fluffy stuff or have you had a dumping that’s set records?
While you get your measuring stick out, come chill out at VOX Daily.
Wintry forest

In Canada, we get a lot of snow.

Usually there are a few “snow days” that kids have each winter, the rare ice storm, and random blizzards that bring the town to a grinding halt. Now, saying that Canadians get a lot of snow could be perceived as an understatement. Just on Sunday this past weekend, there was a celestial dumping as such has never been seen in recent years. We had quite the time driving down the street to our home and required assistance when getting in our driveway. It took several minutes of effort but we made it through thanks to a wonderful neighbour and a trio of iron wills.

I now have a new appreciation for the terms “pedal to the metal” and “burning rubber”.
I’m sure the Americans who live to the north have a better idea of what I’m talking about because you probably got the walloping too. This week’s natural shenanigans aside, have you ever found that the winter season brings added challenges to your voice acting business?
By virtue of your profession, the cold can do things to your voice or you could catch the flu from a well meaning friend or family member – that can wreak havoc all right, but what about the actual extremities?

For the majority of you who work from home, perhaps the weather itself hasn’t presented any issues, that is, perhaps to your health. Nowhere to go, no one to see, you’re golden all wrapped up warmly in your home recording studio drinking cocoa (or a coffee / tea / water for you diehards)…

But, what about your studio and equipment?

Phone lines, Internet connections, frozen stuff and important deliveries that need to be sent through the post? Having to shovel the driveway for your spouse and knocking the wind out of yourself when you need to record? Just throwing some possibilities out there to think about. Maybe one of those has happened to you?

I’m looking for stories about how winter affects voice over artists – do you have one to share?

Looking forward to reading yours (hot chocolate in hand of course).

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  1. There is one other form of winter that can really snap us to the cold, DECEMBER AND JANUARY. For those of you new to the industry, this is a time you truly have to prepare for. Those of you in the industry should already know about this cold snap and I hope that you are prepared.
    What I’m talking about is lack of work!
    This is common in many industries at this time of year, but when we work in the freelance world and are totally dependent on our Voice Over income (and others) this time of year can be deadly if you’re not prepared. There is the odd exception, but for the most part there isn’t much work being given come mid Dec (sometimes earlier) and that lasts until usually mid January (sometimes later).
    So are you winter ready?
    The point is, always be prepared for these months financially. Remember that Mr. Tax man is right around the corner (and for many other major expenses at that time too) so you truly want to save up for these slow times of the year. Always be prepared and have that savings in the bank for such occasions. There is a bright side to all of this however, this is the time to catch up! Marketing, demos, education, paper work, invoicing, taxes etc.
    Winter can bring many things, but this is the one that can scare me the most, but if you are prepared, then it’s not so bad.
    Good luck… protect your voice, (wash your hands a ton and stay away from people with colds whenever possible) lots of cold fx (or the remedies in your neck of the woods) but most importantly have a wonderful holiday/winter season.
    All my best
    Deb Munro
    My Voice, Your Way!

  2. Hi,
    I live in Florida, so we’ve only had snow a couple of times in the 25 years I’ve lived here. BUT–we have plenty of severe weather that can affect how we work!!! Of course I’m talking about HURRICANES! The word makes Floridians cringe and run for shelter (or drive somewhere far, far away!).
    I live in north Florida on the Gulf Coast, about 5 miles inland from the Gulf of Mexico, surrounded by bays and bayous. Hurricane Ivan in 2004 knocked out power for 10 days (try living in Florida in AUGUST with no AIR CONDITIONING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and my Internet was knocked out for THIRTY-EIGHT DAYS!!! All my work comes to me via e-mail and Internet, even my local work. I was devastated and lost thousands of dollars waiting for the power/cable connection to be restored.
    So while we may be experiencing sunny days in the 70s at Christmas, we have our own weather to deal with–just not usually in December.
    Is there any place in North America that doesn’t have ice storms/hurricanes/tornadoes/floods/wildfires/sandstorms??? Because if there is, I’m moving there…..
    Happy Holidays to all,

  3. Hi –
    I agree with Deb… December and January with Christmas and New Years up and coming, the projects may slow down a bit.
    If it is slow – you should be working on your marketing, your invoices, plans for the new year for your business.
    It means you have to work extra hard to sell the aspects of your business and get out there on the net and sell your product better! What you do NOW will help jump start the new year.
    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
    Bob Worthington


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