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A couple of keys to success are being organized and possessing confidence in your abilities.

Do you have a strategy for your business?

Now that we’re far, far away from the peer pressure and hype of New Year’s and the resolutions that go with the holiday, it’s officially the perfect time of year to take a good hard look at your business and search for areas that you can improve upon and set some new goals. Areas to consider might include the way you pursue business, your assets (hardware / software), education, and performance. Go nuts, it’s all good.

You may be wondering where I’m going with this.
I’d like to share two different yet related items, both of which occurred last week and involved many people in VO:
1. Phyllis K. Day on Voice Over Experts
2. Kristine Oller Contest at

Voice Over Experts featuring Phyllis K. Day

Phyllis K. Day, a professional voice actor and technical writer, knows where to place the X.
In her first Voice Over Experts podcast, Phyllis created awareness regarding how external factors such as relationships, past hurts, and other elements buried in your subconscious, can impact your vocal performance in a recording session.

Just as you can have physical tension that detracts from your performance, you can also have vocal tension and layers of emotional stress that constrict your ability to perform in an authentic and uninhibited manner. By listening to her clients discuss what makes them happy, sad, angry, etc., Phyllis is able to construct a visual prognosis and identify areas of improvement. She assigns those areas as homework and checks on your progress in the next session.

The results are stunning.
People who have lost all hope and are just grinding through their voice over work are now advocates for Phyllis’ coaching and are presently doing some of the best work of their lives as well as enjoying their career. Phyllis isn’t a psychiatrist but she is someone who is sensitive to others and has a knack for knowing where to place the X. She also gives a free initial consultation, so there’s nothing to lose.
Listen to Phyllis here and see if she can help you.

Kristine Oller

Kristine Oller is a professional organizer and career strategist, and as a former actor, Kristine knows what it is like to go through life from audition to audition. Once she got organized, Kristine realized that her true calling was to help other performers who struggle to ditch their day jobs and advises them on what they need to do to live the dream and guides their next steps on the road to success.

Kristine participated in a contest held by Julie Williams at the Forum.
I thought this was pretty neat to say the least, so I decided to follow up with Kristine to learn more about what she does and why she does it. You can read that article on Voice Over Times here. A write-up about the session will be in the next edition of the VoiceOver Insider. You can signup here to receive the free monthly publication from Julie Williams.

Are you ready to do something great for you and your business?

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