Kung Fu PandaOK. So the big thing is animation these days. Animated video games (of course), well done with great images and awesome voices. Then there are cartoons on the small screen. And the big screen.

One of the best around is Kung Fu Panda. Let’s just say that the visuals and action are cute, cuddly and pretty creative. We’re not necessarily talking Iron Man or anything, but, that wasn’t the idea. The idea was to make an animated movie that would be fun, non-offensive, and appropriate to take your kids to see.

The movie came out just so. On top of that, the icing on the cake was the actors that brought the characters to life. Their voices were unique and fun, slick, sly and saucy. Think about putting Jack Black with his raw yet lovable sense of humor, Jackie Chan with his mischievous energy and Angelina Jolie with her edginess plus earth-motherly image all together playing off one another. If they were all in the same room with their families, it would be a blast! Even if they weren’t in the same room, but were simply injecting their voice and personalities into the animated characters, which they were, the energy would still be sensational. Add a few other amazing actors’ voices to the mix, let’s say, Dustin Hoffman, Lucy Liu, Seth Rogan, David Cross and the wonderful voice of Ian McShane, and you have an international smorgasbord of exquisite layers and textures.

From the sound of the voices and the information and enthusiasm heard on the interviews with the actors, it sounds like the actors enjoyed the experience of making the film as much as – or more than – the audience enjoyed watching it all come together on the big screen.


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