J.D. HallVoice Over Legend/Actor J.D. Hall who boasts close to 300 voice over credits spanning a 30 year entertainment career history is grunting, groaning and growling as the voice of the Hulk in the new soon to be released Incredible Hulk film (June 13th).

His deep and resonating and powerful voice is the sound of the beastly side of the Hulk.

J.D. loves working on family entertaining shows and veers away from any untoward projects.

Deeply spiritual, he absolutely does not accept job offers that are offensive, vulgar or contain adult language or nudity. He does not do any commercials that involve gambling or drinking alcohol.

If a script contains a line that is not suitable, he requests a line change. This can be very difficult for an agent to place him, but au contraire, J.D. is an actor in constant demand.

J.D. Hall was last seen on the small screen in ’07 in the popular Disney cable show “Lincoln Heights” as Reverend Denny Hammond, a good guy role.

J.D. can also be heard in the just released Robert Ludlum’s Bourne Conspiracy video game, in video stores nation-wide.

Although J.D. Hall can make a lot of terrifying sounds as he does in the Incredible Hulk, he is an incredibly squeaky clean nice guy all the way.

Following in J.D’s step as “the chip off the old block” his son Isa Hall also does voice over work on the Incredible Hulk.

Source: J.D. Hall


  1. This is a question often asked of me at workshops and when I am on panel discussions: “Do you voice messages that offend your personal beliefs?” Well, there are two sides to that: First, we’re called “voice actors” and just because we portary a serial killer does not mean we are one! It’s an acting job.” The other side is when we’re asked to endorse as a voice talent a political candidate we do not believe in or even a restaurant we do not like. Well…professional voice talents are supposed to be “voice actors” and not necessarily ‘truth tellers.” so it is a complex question…


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