Joe McMillan logoYou might be wondering just how valuable being hired through’s SurePay escrow service is.

Voice over talent Joe McMillan has long championed working through the site and has recently surpassed 100 positive feedback ratings at!
Hear more about Joe’s story and discover a few things that you can do to improve your opportunities for being hired online.

Doing Business Strategically Online

Many of you are actively promoting yourself online via the voice over marketplace and know just how powerful this medium can be for getting heard and hired.
While each voice talents’ experience and strategies are different, there are some common threads that contribute greatly to overall success.

Something you might have noticed is that when a talent is hired at, their avatar and demo appear on the home page on the Recently Hired List. There are three lists on the home page and the Recently Hired list is the default toggle. Other lists include Favorites and New.

Another strategy to obtain more work is to ask clients to add you to their Favorites. When a talent is added to a client’s favorites, you gain a special piece of real estate in their account and in their mind casting wise. One benefit in addition to being saved as a favorite is that these tips of the hat accumulate. Just as success begets success, you begin to rank higher on the Favorites list and are thereby introduced to even more clients who might want to listen to you, save you to their Favorites or request a quote for your services.

Meet Joe McMillan

Voice over professional Joe McMillan has tapped into a neat strategy for getting work at His work literally begets more work, and because he is running each transaction through, he benefits from receiving public feedback ratings and reviews which are displayed on his profile and alongside auditions for client perusal.
In addition to enjoying the benefits of being featured on the home page and receiving feedback ratings and reviews, Joe does a few things that you might find useful in your strategy using

As a veteran of radio, Joe spent 38 years on-air and learned some valuable production and editing skills along the way. 3 years ago, Joe decided to leave radio (and his headphones behind!) and has been doing voice over work full time ever since. During the last 3 years, he’s learned a few things and has been honing not only his craft but also the ways he communicates with clients to achieve success.

He values each audition opportunity and sees auditions as a means to keep in shape. When Joe auditions, he knows that with each piece of copy he reads, he is getting better and better. Whenever you invest time and effort into something, it begins to yield fruit.

What is Joe Doing?

Being consistent is important in terms of achieving success with regularity. Joe’s membership with allows him to “speak to the world from Bucksport, Maine,” and he’s finding that many of the people he’s worked with at the site turn into repeat clients.

Some of what Joe is doing consists of:
๏ Auditioning multiple times a day
๏ Inviting clients to add him to their Favorites
๏ Teaching his clients how to leave feedback for him after completing a job
๏ Responding to a job posting as soon as it arrives
As a result of his efforts, Joe McMillan’s demos have been listened to 23,204 times at the time of this writing.

One of the takeaways from our discussion that I found to be particularly interesting was that Joe will give his clients a template of sorts for what they could say in their feedback review for him at He acknowledges that while most don’t use what he had prepared, the client does make the effort to leave feedback and appreciates a template to work from to that helps save them time.

What Kind of Strategies Work For You?

If you are doing something that you feel others could benefit from knowing, you’re welcome to share!
Looking forward to hearing from you,


  1. Hi Brian et al,
    Thanks for commenting! I know that many people are happy that Joe has achieved such success.
    That being said, someone wrote to me earlier today and mentioned that she was offended at his over emphasis on his own reputation (within his Profile) and would rather have him talk about his voice and experience. I’m grateful that she chose to write and share her perspective.
    This goes to show that there is a fine line. My title could have also been better phrased and I apologize. I’ve since changed it to better reflect the lessons to be learned 🙂
    Warm wishes,

    EVERY DAY!!!
    Not Everyone can do VOICE-OVER
    BUT if you give yourself a CHANCE
    and do The AUDITIONS
    you may have some Success
    I realize these are HARD TIMES
    And GODLESS TIMES!!!!!
    BUT we SHOULD SUPPORT each Other
    NOT try to PUT them Down
    All the Best
    Joe McMillan

  3. Hi Joe,
    Thanks for visiting and for commenting. I don’t think your reputation was in any way being attacked but I can understand where you are coming from. You are getting work because you work hard, no question about it! There is a lot of support in your corner. I think some people are more reserved about it.
    I hope that helps to clarify 🙂 There was no ill-will intended on her end.
    Best wishes,

  4. Hey Joe… your only telling the truth. I say if its true why not use it to get more work. That’s why we do this stuff right? Now, if someone was saying that to get work and it wasn’t true… that’s another issue.
    My problem is… any work I get from here, I have done outside of the surepay system…by the clients choosing. Just the way it has been for me so far. Therefore… I have no feedback rating and I think people see that and it hurts my chances of winning gigs.
    Anyone else have a thought on that?

  5. Thanks Joe for the “tips” on utilizing I’ve been an active member for several months, but have been somewhat dissapointed in the results so far.
    My biggest concern is that it seems that a large number of my auditions never get heard. I know that the voice seeker is under no obligation to listen, but why would they ask for an audition and not listen.
    Thomas Dunn

  6. Yeah, this is happening to me too. I’m new to but out of my 11 auditions so far, only one has actually been listened to.
    When I respond to a job, I make sure to leave a short but nice note thanking the client for posting the opportunity. I try and quote my rate around the halfway mark of whatever the budget is – and my audition is always just a slate and whatever the sample script is. My profile is fully filled out, I have an avatar image and my demo reel is posted.
    What am I doing wrong?


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