Hollywood actor Johnny Depp is set to narrate a documentary entitled “When You’re Strange”, a glimpse into the trials and tribulations of a famous American rock band from the 1960s, The Doors.

Although its vocalist, Jim Morrison, died of a drug overdose (1971) eventually splitting the band up in 1973, The Doors continue to occupy their own niche within popular culture and endure to a degree through their music and Hollywood films, including the movie “The Doors” which starred Val Kilmer as Morrison in 1991.

The film which received positive reviews at the Sundance film festival, originally narrated by Tom DiCillo, is sure to reach new heights with Depp’s participation and devoted fanbase.  DiCillo hopes that Depp’s narration will be added in time for the film’s screening at the South By Southwest festival in March.

Source: Tom DiCillo’s Blog


  1. Anything that Johnny Depp touches will turn into pure gold he is such a great talent I’d say the best talent of our times. I now cannot wait to see what comes from this.

    Good Luck



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