Justin Bieber has agreed to record a Public Service Announcement (PSA) to help get his manager Scott “Scooter” Braun and a Def Jam Records executive off the hook for charges they face after an incident at a mall in Long Island, New York in 2009.

The Def Jam official was arrested after police say he refused to help disperse a crowd which got out of hand and nearly turned into a riot at a poorly organized signing with the super-star. The record exec recently pleaded guilty to fire violation charges in connection with the event. Bieber’s manager wasn’t there but was included in the charges. Bieber stepped up to the plate, agreeing to help out in a plea bargain by recording a PSA on cyber-bullying.

Nassau County district attorney, Kathleen Rice said that the plea to have Bieber record the PSA was satisfactory and will help bring awareness to an important cause. The charges against Bieber’s record label and management have been dropped.

No word on when we’ll hear the new Justin Bieber PSA.

Source: CBS News


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