Success.jpgLake Bell’s critically acclaimed feature film “In a World…,” takes a comedic look into the fictional ‘underground’ world of Hollywood voice-overs.
The film was written by Bell, who also directed and starred in the film. It received accolades in the 2013 Sundance Film Festival earlier this year and is slated for limited US release in August.
The film follows the trials and tribulations of Bell’s character, Carol Solomon, whose voice coaching career gets derailed. While struggling to regain her footing she sets her sights on becoming a voice-over artist herself, determined to break into the male dominated world of movie trailer narrations.

The movie’s title pays homage to the legendary Don LaFontaine and his famous line “In world…,” which he delivered with such depth that LaFontaine earned the nickname the “Voice of God.” This created a very real precedence in the industry for the type of voice cast in movie trailers.

Critics have indicated that the movie is one of those few comedies that is genuinely hilarious but there is also an underlying deeper meaning to the story. Bell’s character depicts a woman struggling to gain the respect of her father, develop a romance around a crazy work schedule, and break into a highly competitive, male dominated segment of the voice-over industry.
Similar challenges face women everywhere, across any industry, but Bell’s story may be one that is highly relatable to many in our community.

Can you relate to the storyline?

Do you think Bell’s movie will have a positive impact and encourage casting directors to hire more women to narrate movie trailers? Are you a woman that has already overcome the odds and landed movie trailer gigs?
We’d love to hear your thoughts about this film and learn about your own experiences in the comments below.
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  1. I find actress Lake Bell to be hilarious, so I’ll definitely have to check out her movie! As a female VO actress, it’s definitely time for us to break through the glass ceiling! I’d love to hear the reasoning behind why women aren’t cast as movie trailer narrations. I’m still recovering from laughing when I learned of why women primarily don’t narrate car commercials.

  2. That is a great Vox. Really interesting. Would love to see the movie. I have not done any VO for movie trailers…heck, I’m still auditioning to get any VO job! I know it’s tough, but I am not giving up! Love doing it anyway. Cheers. Christine Stevens


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