Since 2004, the producers of ABC’s Lost have been playing games with their devoted viewers. A video game was inevitable — and now, Ubisoft’s Lost: Via Domus , was released Feb. 26. storyPhotos();

Some of the people who made ABC’s Lost such a popular TV show helped to create the video game Lost: Via Domus.

“They know games,” Via Domus scriptwriter Kevin Shortt said of the TV show’s brain trust. “You could tell they were excited.”

Lost staff writer Dawn Kelly collaborated on the game’s script, and “we worked with (series co-creator) Damon Lindelof on a really cool ending,” Mr. Shortt said.

So, what’s really happening on the island?

“They didn’t give us the big answers,” Mr. Shortt acknowledged, although players will be able to explore parts of the island that were only glimpsed on TV. For example, fans can finally find out what was behind that magnetic wall in the hatch in Season 2.

The main character is a guy named Elliott whom Mr. Shortt describes as “one of those other castaways you see wandering around the beach.” Like everyone else on Lost , Elliott has a tortured past, and his experience on the island could lead to redemption. During his journey, Elliott deals with most of the TV show’s characters, as well as strange creatures such as the Black Smoke.

“It’s not the kind of game where you’re just shooting at people,” Mr. Shortt said. “You’re discovering stuff, unlocking mysteries. … We’re really happy with it.” And everything is consistent with the TV show’s elaborate mythology.”

Source: The Augusta Chronicle


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