LOST Via DomusDo you watch the ABC show “Lost”?

I hadn’t started watching the series until earlier this February, and last night, we completed our LOST marathon ending with last episode of season three.
Today when I read that the LOST videogame entitled “LOST Via Domus” was released a few days ago on the XBox 360, Playstation 3, and the PC, I thought it very timely to write about the series and also get your take on the game and the voices used in it.

For those of you who haven’t gotten “lost” yet, it is one of the most intriguing and involving series that I have seen for quite a long time and perhaps one of the only reasons aside from The Tudors to keep watching TV. After wrapping up a one month marathon of catching up from the beginning all the way through to the end of the third season, I was excited to hear that there is a videogame two years in the making out now from UBISOFT called LOST: Via Domus (Translated from the Latin which means “The Way Home”) that lets you in on the LOST experience, introducing a new character, Elliott.


Elliott is a photojournalist who is a survivor on Oceanic Flight 815. The gamer assumes the role of Elliott and is given opportunities to use his photography skills to get further into the game. One complication is that Elliott is suffering from amnesia and needs the help of other characters, John Locke in particular, to help him rediscover his past. Just like the characters on the show, Elliott has a past which is revealed through playable flashbacks. In on of the Dev Diaries, the crew from UbiSoft confides that fans should be watching very carefully in the flashbacks to see other characters that they’ll recognize from the show.

Writing and Visual Elements

Kevin Shortt was the lead writer for the game and found a good partner in Dawn Kelly, a writer from LOST seasons one and two. The entire team took this project very seriously. The art director went to Hawaii to take pictures from the island, jungle and set to make sure that the scenery and landscapes were portrayed as accurately as possible. The purpose of the game is to capture the meaning and experience of the show.

Not Your Average Videogame

How does LOST Via Domus differ from other games UBISOFT has worked on?
The pressure to make the game right and right for the fans sets this game apart was the largest challenge and differentiator. If the fans are not happy with the game, then the crew will feel as though they didn’t do their job right. The show is very complicated and has many layers, mysteries, and themes that needed to be incorporated into the videogame.
Not only is the show a masterpiece it has a worldwide following and fans with great expectations.


Gameplay involves mostly traveling through jungle where Elliott encounters familiar landmarks from the show, i.e. Black Rock, the Swan Hatch, and also some items in those places that were never in the show. Other activities include solving puzzles, mini games, dialogue choices and getting in on the action. Elliott also encounters dangers including the infamous black smoke, polar bears, and more.

The objective was to give the gamer the full experience of the jungle just as it was in the show. Navigational tools used to get around the island include a compass, the player’s intuition, and markings on the ground. The player needs to create the actions to survive throughout the game and there is about ten hours of gameplay to be had.

LOST Via Domus Voice Cast

From what I’ve read so far, one of the only drawbacks is that some of the voices are not of the original actors from the TV series. I was in touch with the good people at UBISOFT and they confirmed some members of the voice cast for me. “For the English version, Ben, Desmond, Claire, Mikhail, Sun and Tom provided their characters’ voices. For the other versions, almost all actors provided their characters’ voices.”

For more detail, Yunjin Kim portrays the role of Sun Hwa-Kwon, Michael Emerson portrays the leader of The Others, Ben Linus, Emilie De Ravin plays Claire Littleton, Andrew Divoff portrays Mikhail Bakunin (one of The Others), and Henry Ian Cusick, who portrays the character Desmond Hume, the fellow who tends to say “brother” a lot.

Are you a fan of LOST?

What do you think of the Via Domus videogame and how do you feel about the voice acting and voice cast?
Best wishes,

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  1. I’m looking forward to the day when our family might have x-box 360 so I can check out this LOST game. I am a huge fan of LOST, in fact it is one of the main topics on my Tuning In With Wayne Henderson podcast. On the podcast, I try to discuss as many theories and background about LOST as possible. Once I do find a way to check out this LOST game, you can count on it being discussed on my podcast.
    If you’re a fan of LOST and have checked the game out already, call my listener voicemail at 206-984-1446 and let your voice be heard!

  2. Yet another poor console port. Since the PC version is $30 compared with PS3/XBox360’s price tag of $60 that is an easy choice to make. Unfortunately the controls are clunky and there is no way to save manually- checkpoints only (fits nicely with the 1980’s computers depicted in Lost..)
    Aside from these issues the graphics are excellent and authentic. Having the original voice cast makes it believable and the game is quite entertaining. Well worth $30.

  3. Like you, I have spent the last month catching up on the series starting from episode 1. I don’t know how I let this show slip by me as I was hooked after watching the first 15 minutes and couldn’t get enough.
    Being a fan of Ubisoft and their many great game titles (Prince of Persia and Myst IV and V) I had no problem picking up LOST: Via Domus the day it came out.
    They did an excellent job of capturing the island, the atmosphere, and the personality of the many “losties”.
    You can’t imagine the thrill of hearing the “beep…beep…beep…” in the Swan station and knowing you had only 4 minutes to punch in those cursed numbers! And to hear that creepy black smoke sneaking up on you while exploring the jungle!
    My only regret is that it was way too short. Reasonable for $29.99 but I just didn’t want it to end. Great game!


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