Wondered where the voice over industry is sitting at present?
Read this 12 page review by the Chief Executive Officer of Voices.com, David Ciccarelli.
Report On The Voice Over Industry 2007 Cover Page

State of the Voice Over Industry

At the beginning of each new year, Voices.com presents a comprehensive overview of industry statistics that directly affect voice actors, including updates on broadcast television, radio, podcasting, video games, audiobooks, and other mediums and applications. Current trends are reported on and are diligently sourced for accuracy.

How to use this information
When reading this document, bear in mind that the need for voice over is directly related to the current status of each medium or application. For instance, you™ll note that because MP3 player, satellite radio, and cellular phone sales are up, the demand for voice acting in podcasts, radio advertisements, audiobooks and more will naturally increase as a result of the success of the respective technologies. The key players in the industry are outlined below for your convenience to identify the unique roles that are played within voice over as a profession.
Report on the Voice Over Industry 2007
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  1. What an awesome report! I didn’t know VoxTalk was such a hot commodity! Certainly quite the listening audience. If my poor math serves me correctly, that’s around 500 listeners to each episode when averaged out.
    There undoubtedly are all sorts of avenues the voiceover industry has yet to infiltrate, and many it’s just beginning to touch on. Let’s keep doing our best to show the media what our voices have to offer!
    God Is Love-


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