There Can Only Be One!

For those of you who are fans of the Richard and Judy Show in the UK, some great news!
On Friday October 24th at 8 p.m. on ‘Watch’ (Sky Channel 109 and Virgin channel 124), Richard and Judy will have a feature showcasing a number of people who can imitate the voice of Gollum, a character in J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings (movies directed by Peter Jackson) whose voice has been made famous by the actor Andy Serkis.
In the presence of Andy Serkis, a number of contestants will get their inner Gollum on to be broadcast on the telly nationwide.

Our very own Matt Cowlrick, an Australian voice over artist, is one of the contenders.
Coming off a win in another competition sponsored by Three Mobile in Australia, wherein he also impersonated Gollum, Cowlrick’s impression of Gollum won him and a friend $10000 worth of travel, which helped Cowlrick to get over to the UK.
Will lightning strike twice?

VOX: Congratulations on qualifying for this contest Matt! Can you tell me a bit about the contest and how you came to be entered?
MATT COWLRICK: I answered a lead on a casting website, where I had to give my experience and why I’d be up for the challenge. Then they called me, I did a little phone audition and was chosen as one of the three participants for the show being recorded tomorrow.

VOX: You’re doing an impression of Gollum, a character from the Lord of the Rings that was voiced by Andy Serkis, an amazing voice actor who will be present for this contest to boot. What are you feeling right now? Are “butterflies” an accurate assessment?

MATT COWLRICK: I’m little bit nervous, actually! Mainly because I don’t usually like to do impressions of characters in front of the voice actors who created them. It’s not necessarily because of nerves, but I feel more like I’m doing a bad impression of the actor, and not the character! However, I think this time will be ok, seeing as the impression is the focus of the challenge.

VOX: You’ve got to fly nearly half-way across the globe to do this. What kind of preparations do you need to make for the contest? Anything special to get all “Gollumy”?
MATT COWLRICK: I was already here in London, so it was just good timing to be in the neighbourhood. In terms of preparation? Oh, I suppose the usual; eat some raw fish, spend the night obsessing over a bit of jewellery, develop an evil second personality… standard method acting.

VOX: That’s handy that you were in the neighbourhood 🙂 What time will this air? You’ll be on the “Richard and Judy Show“, right? Is it a variety show in the UK?
MATT COWLRICK: I actually have to check when it will be airing, whether it is tomorrow night or later in the week. Seeing as I just arrived here in the UK, I haven’t had the chance to watch the show yet. However, from what I have found out about the show, it seems that it is Richard and Judy’s new program on digital TV. It’s a variety show, apparently like the UK Oprah.

Here’s a blurb on the show…
“After seven successful years at Channel Four, Richard and Judy are now hosting a topical prime-time chat show on the brand new digital channel, Watch. From 7 October 2008, Richard and Judy’s New Position can be seen weeknights from 8pm.”

VOX: What is the prize for the person who wins?
MATT COWLRICK: Alas, no prizes that I know of. Perhaps the chance to take over as Gollum in Lord of the Rings 4? Though I can think of more than one reason why that won’t happen…

VOX: How can we show our support for you?
MATT COWLRICK: Tune in if you’ve got the channel ‘Watch’ in the UK! It is on Sky channel 109 and Virgin TV 124. I will also find out if there is any way to watch online.
A special thanks to Matt for sharing this exciting information with us. Just to let you know, we’ll be doing a follow up to Matt’s story here on VOX Daily with more details from the show 🙂
Break a leg, Matt. We’re all rooting for you!
Best wishes,


  1. Hey Matt, what absolutely fabulous news.I hope we have that channel, Uncle Paul will not be watching the aussies get done again if that’s the case! Go go you good thing. xxxxxxx


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