The company producing John McCain’s political ads is refusing to reveal the identity of the narrator used in the campaign’s most recent commercials. The Politico newspaper reports chairman of the company Strategic Perception Fred Davis III says, “We consider that a corporate secret.”

The woman who narrates the now-famous McCain ad “Celeb” has also been used in three other commercials attacking Barack Obama. Her voice is described by some at the company as “pleasant to listen to” and “an every-woman’s voice.”

What is known is that her first name is Joan and that she began doing political voice-overs about a year ago. The Politico reports the business is desperate for new and unfamiliar voices and that is why the company is so tight-lipped about Joan’s identity.

Source: Fox News


  1. Joan must be the new nom de plume of former bushie Karen Hughes, a TV anchorwoman prior to hooking up with Karl Rove in Texas to orchestrate W’s rise from obscurity to absurdity.


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