Warner Premiere and Warner Bros. Digital Distribution recently announced the debut of the acclaimed graphic album “Batman: Black and White” in a motion comics series starring Michael Richard Dobson in the title role.

Released in 2008, the collection consists of animated adaptations of ten short stories bundled into five episodes. Batman: Black and White takes place in and around Gotham City featuring Batman and a number of villains including Harvey Dent (Two-Face) to name just one.

Each story was written and told from the unique perspective of different writers and artists presenting their own interpretation and spin on the world of Batman with voice actor Michael Dobson performing multiple roles in addition to Batman including the voices of Alfred, Joker, Thomas Wayne, Doctor Rubin, Ahmet, Winsor Munsell, David Thompson, and the Scientist.

Available exclusively on iTunes, Batman: Black and White Motion Comics episodes may be purchased in the US iTunes store for .99 a piece or $4.95 for the entire season (5 episodes).

Although most of the reviews pertain to the stories and animation, which was considered more “artistic” than previous series, reviewers on iTunes did confide that the voice acting was great.

Source: iTunes


  1. This is great news!
    But did you know there are many many productions similar to this on itunes via podcast that are FREE?
    I happen to be a part of Pendantaudio.com and we have a lot of on going stories, including Superman and Batman voiced by some very talented individuals.
    The story lines are great and the acting is top notch.

    There is something to be said for theater of the mind!!

    Anthony Piselli

  2. Michael has amazing talent.
    It started back in Ontario.
    He could drive around and change voices in seconds.
    Monty python on the fly.
    He can sing too!
    Amazing, you don’t even know your listening to the same person.

    Amazing actor.

    Mike from Ontario


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