doctor with patientSummer is heating up and so are your resolutions for your business that were made going into 2010!

Are you still on track?
6 months later, It’s time to check!
Guest blogger Bobbin Beam joins us in her mid-year reassessment, or, check up from the neck up in today’s VOX Daily.

Mid-Year Reassessment

By Bobbin Beam
Hard to believe it’s already the middle of 2010. Wasn’t it just New Year’s, when we all made our best resolutions? I always commit mine to paper. They are more like annual goals for me. I keep my list taped to the wall of my work station.
But sometimes it seems like the hardest thing to do in business is to get things done: so little time, so many obstacles, like work. Ha!

Not to brag or complain, but this year has been incredible, and I’ve been working a lot. So much so when it comes to marketing my attention in that area has dissipated. After all there are all those administrative details that need to be dealt with, emails, inquiries, auditioning, and on and on.
Finding the time to devote to creating a sustained, focused marketing effort seems like it’s near impossible.

But the biggest obstacles of all are the voices in your head- you know the ones I’m talking about, the ones that are a royal pain in the you-know-what.
So I say it’s time for a check up from the neck up:

Excuse 1: “I’m too busy!”

It’s hard to feel creative when you’re in a padded cell all day talking about this and that. One must be careful not to “phone it in.” Dismiss that voice who thinks everything is just fine the way it is, so let’s not rock-the-boat, everything is just hunky-dory, thank you very much.
You have to treat your business like it’s a shark: no standing still, if you don’t keep moving forward, you won’t survive.

It’s a competitive world out there, and now we’re not competing in our own local talent pool like it used to be. We’re competing with a vast ocean of talent all over the world, so standing still is not an option.
Just keep swimming! That little reminder makes me look to my goals list with a new found zest for time management.

Excuse 2: “I’m so Unique”

We all like to feel that we have created something unique, something different, something that no one else does. The fact is business is business; it’s very dangerous to think that you are so unusual that you’re irreplaceable, so different that you don’t need to market, so special that branding isn’t required, and so singular that positioning is a waste of time.
Be mindful of the fact that your ‘mark of differentiation’ is just as much an exercise in marketing as it is an exercise in product development.

Excuse 3: “But I’m Comfortable Here”

It takes self-discipline to grow and become successful. Growth can be painful, because it moves you out of your comfort zone. You’ll never grow if you’re never experimenting, challenging the status quo. I’ve been messing around with some reads lately, taking more coaching, mixing it up and it’s helping book more work. For now…

There is so much more to say but so little time. I took a well-deserved vacation. Vacations are necessary, and this time I embraced the time away. Of course I took my computer, portable studio, checked email, and so on but this time I truly unplugged a bit, reviewed my list and pushed forward into the second half of the year. I returned rested, renewed and ready to complete the remaining goals on my list.
Gosh, before you know it, we’ll be staring at New Years soon. Have a wonderful summer!
Bobbin Beam
Bobbin Beam is a twenty-five year voiceover industry veteran and full-time voice actress who records and delivers voice recordings for commercials, animation, corporate narrations, television documentaries, promos, audio books, pod casts and on-hold messages for advertising agencies, film, multimedia and broadcast production companies for large and small businesses around the world. She works from her Escondido, California-based home recording studio.

Bobbin Beam’s clients include ABC, 3M, Pro, LG, Cisco, DHL,, Toshiba, Tribune Companies, and Microsoft.
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  1. Great thoughts here, Bobbin. A great manager I worked for would say “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got!” We should all take the time to think two steps ahead.


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