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Today marks a new beginning for We’ve just launched a brand new website that’s been designed taking a “mobile first” approach. That’s right, the site has been carefully thought through with mobile devices in mind. That means we’ve also tested quite heavily on mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPad, Galaxy SIII and BlackBerry.
With all the brainstorming sessions, planning meetings, designing, coding and testing behind us, I wanted to pause to recognize our team and highlight why these improvements are so significant for you, the community of

Thank You

First, some acknowledgements. To our team of designers and developers, Dave, Megan, Adam and Jamie, thank you for your perseverance, determination, attention to detail and desire to launch a great site. I’m giving you all applause right now because you did an amazing job.
A special thank you to John, Lin, Kelly, Laura and Jarden for their hours of testing and reporting how the site could be improved. You’ve ensured that the first impression will be a good one. Thank you!

To the rest of the team for buying into the vision that mobile is strategically important to us and that we have an opportunity to continue to lead the industry. Our innovative services and apps have redefined what it means to be a voice talent in this era.
With your support, understanding and encouragement, you, the team at, have allowed me to be creative, set a vision and push the boundaries of what can be accomplished. We’ve proven once again that when we work together, truly remarkable things can be done. Be proud.

The Significance of’s New Website

About a year ago, we embarked on the journey to rethink Not necessarily from how it works, but rather how it’s experienced.
You see, people use differently than when we originally launched nearly a decade ago. Back then, updating the website was a manual process. Job postings were received and sent out by email. Submitting auditions was also done by sending us MP3 attachments via email. Making updates to your profile could only be done by either Stephanie or I (the two co-founders). As for helpful resources, we had none and until the first blog post in 2006.

Today, we live and work in a vastly different world. The website is experienced not only in home offices, recording studios and corporate offices around the world, but it’s accessed from desktops, tablets and even mobile phones. Things move a lot quicker too. Jobs are posted online 24/7 and auditions are submitted and distributed to the clients in real-time. Auditions can be recorded either from your home studio or by using the built-in microphone and recording software in our iPhone, iPad or Android apps. And now, we’ve got resources to help both the clients learn about how to hire a voice talent and tutorials, blogs, podcasts and videos to help aspiring and professional voice talent succeed in this new world.

Give Us Your First Impression

As you experience the modern-looking, I’d love to hear from you. Please share what you like best in the comments below. Remember to rate the site by clicking the “Send Feedback” tab in the side of your browser window. It’s on every page so you can’t miss it!
Let’s talk. Tell me what you like about the new site and if you’ve got ideas for how we can improve it further, share your thoughts in the comments.
Thank you!
Co-Founder & CEO


  1. So far so good!
    The look of the new site is a definite improvement, though I do see a couple of areas where it can get even better with just a little tweaking.
    First, having all the ”listened to,” “thumbs up,” and other audition icons the same color makes it a bit more difficult to tell at a glance what is going on in the different Jobs lists. Different colors or shapes would help, especially for those with color blindness. Also, I notice there is no longer an indication in the deleted list that I had submitted an audition, making it harder to identify jobs that have been awarded to someone else, but my audition had not been listened to.
    Also, now when I pull up my “answered” the open, closed, and I assume finalizing, working and completed will all be the same font and black. That makes it very difficult to scan through hundreds of jobs to pull out the working and completed so I can delete them. Could you please change the font or have different colors for these to make deleting jobs easier.
    Thanks so much, and keep up the great work.

  2. My immediate thoughts we’re exactly what Lynn mentions above.
    Changing the color on the “Open” “closed” complete” “working etc would be very helpful,and also changing the color
    on the thumbs up would be much better and helpful.Other wise,the site looks super. Nice job, Hoping you can make those changes easily.

  3. Hi Guys!
    As always, thanks for continuing to improve the site.
    My comments are actually the same as Lynn’s. I feel like the green blocks of listened to vs. thumbs up are too similar now and actually way more clunky looking than the check’s vs. thumbs up on a white background.
    I also feel that the old way of view completed/open/working etc. in the answered list was better. Now it’s hard to separate them when looking with a quick glance.
    I also don’t feel like the match score needs to be highlighted in the “bubble.” It’s nice to have but it’s certainly not the most important thing I’m looking at when looking at the lists of jobs.
    I also don’t think the huge icon’s next to the name of people in the message center is helpful. It just clutters the screen and make it more cumbersome to glance at my messages.
    I guess what I’m saying is, in short, this new website seems much hard to quickly look at. The last style was much cleaner to my eye and now I feel like I’m looking at something made by a much older computer. Perhaps this is because of trying to get it to work better on mobile…
    Again – I appreciate the efforts that the whole team has put in but in the end, the easier it is for me to read this site quickly, the better for me.

  4. The new site seems great so far, although I noticed that from the talent end of it we are not able to see if a job is “working or completed” any longer…. only if it is “open or closed” Will this feature be coming back?
    Also there used to be the ability to group all of our “liked” auditions together when checking in on the status of our auditions, this seems to have been removed as well. Will this be back?

  5. Hi Linda, Charlotte, Lynn and Steve,
    Thank you for your comments and for joining the conversation!
    As Linda noted, yesterday the job statuses were presented differently but that has since gone back to how things were before the launch. You’ll be happy to see the Open, Working, Completed, Closed, etc. statuses as they were before.
    The feedback about making things easier to distinguish visually at a glance has also been considered. We are thinking about making the images of the Ear and Thumbs Up larger inside the green ribbon. David will reply at his next opportunity to address other comments or questions.
    Thank you all for your enthusiasm and support! We’re grateful to serve you and look forward to making even better for you and our customers as a whole.
    Best wishes,

  6. I like the new look but agree with the others about the colors. I’m fine with the “ear” vs the checkmark, but also think it would be better if the “Thumbs Up” went back to gold to make it easier to differentiate from the Ear at a glance.
    I also like having the different colors for the Status column, but since “Finalizing, Working, and Completed” all signify that someone else has gotten the job, I think they might as well all be red (or “Completed” could be red and the other two, orange). While we’re at it, I’d swap the colors for “Open” and “Closed,” making “Open” green and “Closed” Blue.


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