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A couple of weeks ago, I listened in on a teleseminar for Break Into VoiceOver, a new service provided by Nancy Wolfson of Brain Tracks Audio and Anna Vocino, professional voice talent and working VO actor. The teleseminar was free, a half hour long, and for the time allotted gave an impressive overview of how the voice industry has changed and the state of Voiceover today.

Nancy WolfsonFor those of you who know Nancy Wolfson, she has a unique perspective on the industry. Nancy started out on the other side of the business as an agent. For quite some time, Nancy was head of a voiceover department at an agency in Hollywood, where she noticed that there was an alarmingly large intersection between auditioning and booking.

Recognizing the massive gap between what people were being taught to do in classes and what she knew in her heart of hearts was really going to book that job pushed Nancy to switch career paths and start a crusade to help break through gatekeeper agencies, and by doing so, ensure that great voices were heard and cast. By providing voice talent with vital information that she knew as a former agent, Nancy would assist to close that gap and help voice talent establish profitable careers.

She retired from agency work in 2000 to start a private consulting service and carry out her mission to help voice talent succeed. Nancy Wolfson currenly casts for voiceover projects and coaches people who are interested in pursuing voiceovers. Nancy also produces demos for students who have completed her course and have demonstrated that they are ready to enter the market.

Anna VocinoAnna Vocino, a professional voice talent and student of Nancy Wolfson, has been asked on a daily basis how to break into voiceover, hence the name of their new venture. Anna, who describes herself as a Girl Who’s Been-There-Spent-That, wants to make sure that those who are just breaking into the voice industry are armed with the information that they need in the new era of voiceovers, identifying costly mistakes she has made in the past that she wants new talent to avoid.

This project has spent a year in development and the two ladies are moving ahead full steam with their second 2-hour teleseminar this evening (6 p.m. PST) focusing on the Business of VoiceOver. The teleseminar will give aspiring talent a plan to work from, spelling out what you need to do, what you need to do it, and what to expect to spend.

Topics discussed this evening will include: education, budgets, demos, equipment, marketing strategies and pipelines, when to spend, when to save and when to see results. With two hours to get into the subject matter, be sure to have your computer handy or a notebook to jot these nuggets of wisdom down. I know that during the half hour that Nancy and Anna spoke last time, I personally took 5 pages of notes in Microsoft Word – and that was just an overview of the state of voiceover today!

I will be sharing more of their insights as time goes by from that particular teleseminar, but for now, I simply wanted to get the word out about their teleseminar scheduled for this evening on the business side of voiceovers.

So, here are the specifics:

Teleseminar: Mapping Your Voice Over Business Plan
Date: Wednedsay January 31st, 2007
Time: 6 p.m. PST (9 p.m. EST)
Cost: $49
Register: Go to to register online via PayPal

* Call-in number will be emailed to you upon confirmation of your paid spot.

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