Factory turned into condos in Kitchener, ON CanadaHave you ever been the narrator for a local television station?

Sometimes it’s easiest to get your foot in the door by doing some narration on a volunteer basis for local programming. That, or it does help to know the producer!
Hear about voice major Sarah Widmeyer’s story in today’s VOX Daily.

Voicing Locally

When speaking at UWO, I happened to meet someone who had experience narrating for a series produced by Rogers Television called “Structures” hosted by Mark Paine, a show that features buildings of note in the Kitchener-Waterloo area among others.
Soprano Sarah Widmeyer, a masters student at the Don Wright Faculty of Music at the University of Western Ontario, approached me after my talk and shared about her experience as the narrator of Structures and how that helped to introduce her to voice acting and using her voice in different ways.

How Did Sarah Get The Job?

When I asked Sarah how she came by the work, she said that it came through the producer. As it happened, the producer had heard Sarah before and worked with her previously. The producer of the program acquired Sarah’s number through a mutual friend and gave her a quick phone call. This was the beginning of an enjoyable working relationship and experience for all involved including Sarah, the producer and all the sound techs.

Sarah relates that the job was both fun and fulfilling, offering “I had a passing interest in architecture and local history. There were several words I had never encountered so I asked and the answers started me on little discoveries in the world of architecture and local history.”

Is Your Voice on Local Television?

Be sure to leave a comment with your work and also mention the station you recorded voice overs for!
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  1. Hi Stephanie,
    Talk about identifying with this article!
    Although not exactly a ‘Narrator’ for local TV, I was found by a Producer on Rogers TV after he heard me voicing News/Weather/Sports/Traffic through an FM radio station I still work with in the same community.
    Out of the blue, A Producer contacted me through the radio station, invited me in for an interview and laid out what he was looking for! He told me he liked my sound over the airwaves, my community involvement and my reporting abilities. Then this Producer spoke about what type of show he was looking for, the people involved (other producers, behind the scenes operators, etc.)
    After a few takes on the teleprompter, I was hired for a paid position as ‘Host’ of what was called “Talk Local”.
    It was a one hour format with 4-5 commercial breaks that brought community members into the studio from all walks of life talking about people, community events, and what was making news and the impact it had on local residents.
    That ‘Host’ position led to working with other Producers as a Voiceover person for other locally produced shows!
    It was a very gratifying and interesting experience.
    The ‘Talk Local’ show was brand new to the community. We had an official launch with community guests, political dignitaries and Rogers TV Executives. Isn’t it intriguing and mystifying how one voice leads to another?
    – Blair Wilson

  2. As a matter of fact, yes!
    A few years ago, i was asked to narrate a documentary for Charlotte’s local public telivision station, WTVI. The documentary was called “Hometown Stories: African-American’s Journey in Charlotte-Mecklenburg.” It was a collection of stories told by African-American members of our community talking about the history here in the city and county.
    It was a very fulfilling bit of work, and still is shown on WTVI now and again.

  3. Hey Stephanie,
    I am the IMAGING voice for Rogers Television in Toronto. Many years ago before my son was born, I used to work at Rogers Community 10 in Toronto as the Sponsorship Manager for the local programming channel. During that time, I had the opportunity to voice several promos and projects. I also guest hosted on a few of the locally produced programs, including the “live” Santa call-in show. Always a treat!
    About six months ago I was asked to audition for their promotional voice and, I landed the gig! I never imagined I would end up years later as the same channels Promo voice. It is indeed a small world!
    Kristi Stewart

  4. Hi,
    I have not worked for British radio or TV, but I have worked for South African radio and TV and have done live radio shows and talk radio shows for 15 years there. I have a South African English accent (tempered by having lived in UK for 6 years) , so if you have any voice over work that requires that, I would galdly do it or work for a radio station.


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