National Voice Over Month logoSeptember is National Voice Over Appreciation Month!

A voice over is a spoken word performance given by an actor who is heard but not seen. Voice overs are produced most often to educate, inform or entertain and can be heard via many different mediums such as broadcast, video games, film, telephony, audiobooks and more.
If you’ve ever heard a voice over and were the better for it, now is the time to celebrate! is pleased to help spread the word about what’s going on and also share how you can get involved.

What’s a Voice Over?

What is a voice over and why might you appreciate voice overs?
A voice over (also referred to as “VO”) is a recorded vocal performance that can be heard in advertisements on radio, television and on the Internet. Voice overs are also consumed via educational materials, public service announcements, narration, talking toys, character voices in cartoons and more.

The human voice is not only part of who we are but plays an important role in how we communicate and express ourselves. Voice over narration tells a story, and when most effective, reaches not only our ears but our hearts.

Because of the nature of voice over, it is sometimes easy to forget that there are people behind the voices. That being said, National Voice Over Appreciation Month is also a time to recognize professional voice over talent and their work.

How We’re Celebrating

At, we’re celebrating Voice Over Appreciation Month in a number of ways, including an Open House at the Offices, hosting a gathering of voice over professionals and producers and through our sponsorship of the US-based voice over unconference FaffCon. We are also pleased to sponsor and be present at Voices of Vision, a Canadian voice over training and networking event to be held in Toronto on September 23-25, 2010.

What Can You Do?

๏ Talk to someone outside of the industry about voice overs
๏ Do some listening exercises and write about voice overs that appeal to you
๏ Share links relevant to voice over material or educational resources on social networks
๏ Get together and network with other voice artists locally
๏ Participate in one of the many events taking place this month
๏ Hug a voice talent

Where To Learn More

Dave Courvoisier spearheaded this initiative and we’re grateful that he did! To learn more about National Voice Over Appreciation Month (or dare I say International Voice Over Appreciation Month!), visit:
Best wishes,


  1. What a wonderful idea, Stephanie! Just being a real newbie (haven’t even gotten my demos out yet), the part about networking with other VO artists is a great idea, and I hope I can do some of that eventually! I enjoy Vox Daily!
    Stephanie Stanley, Voice Talent

  2. Hi Stephanie,
    This is such a great idea. I’m planning to translate the press release into Spanish, so I can share it not only with the local media (in Puerto Rico) but also with my beloved friends at (a social network for Spanish VO artists). I’m also to do a little video in Spanish, talking about the National Voice Over Appreciation Month. Thanks so much to all the fellow voice actors who are involved in this great idea.
    Greetings from Puerto Rico,
    Pablo Hernandez


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