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Although versatility and imagination are the hallmarks of the voiceover business, it’s important to be able to recognize the quality and work ethic even if listeners don’t immediately recognize the voice. That’s why “Herbie” is important-when it comes to everything from vocal gymnastics to crystal-clear production, from imaginative copy writing to disciplined time management-every aspect of voiceover performance and craftsmanship can be found “in the megaphone”!

Designed by artist Scott Maxwell, Herb Merriweather’s vocal mascot Herbie’s golden color symbolizes standards in excellence and integrity.  His forward posture indicates speaking directly to a specific audience.  The megaphone tells everyone he’s making sure he’s being heard and understood using every tool available.  His hand is raised to punctuate his message with zeal, confidence and authority.  His big feet simply mean that he’s firmly established in his craft.

To find out how the little golden dude can help encourage, facilitate, and finalize voiceover projects with cost-effectiveness and flair, visit Herb Merriweather’s Voices.com website.

About Herb Merriweather

Herb Merriweather is heard as “The Professor” in the “Curse of the Pharoah 2” video game (Ph03nix New Media) and as “The Iguana Summer King” in the “Vipo-The Flying Dog” series, and is actively involved in the voiceover community.

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