Daniel McKeague, a radio sales manager from Minnesota, was awarded the gig as the new voice of the Aflac duck.

His first television commercial debut as the Aflac duck will air during Tuesday’s premiere of NBC’s new singing competition show “The Voice.”

The commercial is a 30-second spot featuring the duck in a breakdancing competition with a pigeon, and a single Aflac quack. McKeague’s compensation was not disclosed, however Voices.com suggests a rate of $2,000 for a single national commercial.

Considering former spokesduck Gilbert Gottfried uttered the quack in over fifty commercials since the year 2000 this has the potential to be quite lucrative for the father of three.

The public got their first taste of McKeague’s take on the duck in a video released online with Aflac Chief Executive Dan Amos offering the 36-year-old the job.

Check out the video on YouTube: http://bit.ly/e74riY

Source: Reuters


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