Voice Over JobsYou can view jobs in two new ways at Voices.com. Introducing “View My Jobs” and “View All Jobs”.
We’re pleased to announce that you can now view jobs in two unique ways at Voices.com. Here’s a snapshot of what the “View My Jobs” option looks like (this is the default, by the way so that you don’t see jobs that are not applicable to you).

And, here’s one that shows ALL open jobs at Voices.com, known as the “View All Jobs” option.
This view is particularly helpful if you have not yet selected your preferences or completed your Profile at present as it shows you all jobs that are open for auditions:
So, now that we’ve established that there are two ways to go about looking at the jobs, I’d like to give you a tip.

Make sure that you pick your languages!!!
For instance, if you speak English (regardless of dialect), you need to have that language selected in addition to the dialect of English that you speak.
If you do not pick “English”, you’ll be missing out on all sorts of jobs and get the impression that there is less work out there for you at Voices.com than there really is. Please take what I am saying to heart.

If you follow these directions, you will receive notifications that you expect to receive.
If your Profile is incomplete, it makes it very difficult for our system (and also clients) to know that you are qualified to audition for a particular language if you did not select it as one of your languages. The same can be said for skill sets. Filling out your Profile completely will save you energy, give you peace of mind, direct more opportunities to you, and will make it easier for us to continue to provide the personalized level of service that we do. The issue of filtering jobs at Voices.com has been solved within less than 4 days of your feedback.

So, now it’s up to you to make use of the new features and update your Profile if necessary to make sure that you’re receiving the proper job notifications and viewing jobs that you expect to see in your “View My Jobs” option.

As Julie Williams said in VOX Talk today, a lot of what you need to succeed as a voice over professional rests in the constant self-promotion of your voice over business.
One significant aspect of self-promotion is completing your Profile at Voices.com to make as much information about your voice, skills, talent and experience available to people who are considering hiring you!

This includes little things like years of experience, who you’ve studied with, the equipment you use, past clients, industry experience, language capabilities, special skills, and of course, MP3 samples of your voice over work.

Little rant, but very important:
MP3s are critical! Please upload all audio that you intend for clients to hear on your website in MP3 format for easier playing in the flash player! If you’ve uploaded demos in other formats such as WAV or AIFF, etc., clients have to click on the name of your demo to download them. If you have an MOV file, be sure to say “Click here to watch this video” when you name your demo in your Studio. If you’re hosting a word document or PDF, you have do to the same as if it were a movie for proper downloading of your file.

If you don’t make it obvious where clients should click to retrieve your file, be it a video, text document or otherwise (these are files OTHER than MP3 files) clients will get the impression that your audio files are ‘broken’. For the sake of the clients and the successful hiring of your voice, stick with MP3s! Without a demo, how will anyone know what a voice talent sounds like? If you have a demo(s) but are not uploading files at Voices.com demonstrating your talent, you need to upload a demo or as many as you can to your Studio today.

While you’re in your Studio, double check to see if you have featured your demos in the Featured Voice Talent Directory. It’s as easy as checking a box and you’re included in the category of your choice. As Premium and Preferred members, you need to be in those categories. Clients often search through our Featured Talent Directory to find what they are looking for quickly.

For instance, instead of requesting generic telephone demos from talent to get a simple telephone job recorded, a client will go to the Featured Talent Category related to telephony work and listen to the demos of talent who have featured their demos there. The process is faster for many clients and results in talent being hired based upon their stock demo without even having to do an audition.

Another little known but incredibly interesting fact:

For every job that is posted at Voices.com, 10 unique clients will visit the website and hire someone directly for work opportunities either through the Featured Voice Talent Directory, the search or Voice Rank
When you have all of these ways to promote yourself at Voices.com and the benefits of doing so are this obvious, it doesn’t hurt to take a second look at and update your Profile, upload and tag more demos, and select critical language and skills sets that you possess that will bring you more work naturally through the search engines.

I hope this has helped to clarify the new job viewing options as well as given you a plan for updating your Profile to ensure that you are seeing and receiving job invitations from Voices.com that truly match your language skills and abilities.
If you need any help updating your Profile or would like some information about website optimization, contact Laurynda via Live Chat, phone or email. She’s more than happy to help!
Best wishes,

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