Microphone suspended in the airFor the 3rd Annual Voicey Awards, we decided to kick it up a notch on a number of fronts, with particular regard to the nomination process, including what is being judged and how it is presented for consideration.

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Award Nomination Criteria Changes for 2009

Over several years, we have learned a number of things about how to orchestrate an awards show and have applied many suggestions received from industry personalities and people who have served as judges in the past.
The 3rd Annual Voiceys are seeing some interesting additions to the nomination process, including:
1. Body of Work required with submission for all categories
2. Best Personal Branding now has a mail-in component to evaluate promotional materials
3. Lifetime Achievement now requires nominees to submit 3 letters of reference
4. Age restriction lifted from Best New Voice category
Let’s go over these now individually.

1. Body of Work

Instead of listening to numerous demos, judges will be evaluating actual bodies of work from particular projects (1 body of work per person being nominated), similar to how actors nominated for Oscars are nominated for a specific role, not for their demo reel(s).
A body of work would provide substantial material for review on its own so nominate your best work, and if it is very long submit a shorter version, 5 minutes at most, as your body of work.

To qualify, entrants (it may be best and or easiest in this case to self-nominate given the body of work requirement) must include a URL (link) to where their body of work is hosted online when completing the nomination form.

Public Relations Kits for Best Personal Branding

In the past, online presences were judged for this award, but as we know, a website is only one component of your overall branding strategy.
Branding is about more than just websites or logos… it’s about how you present yourself professionally to others which includes items such as your business cards, stationary, promotional items (pens, fridge magnets, postcards, gadgets, trinkets), and intellectual branding properties, for example, your company name, slogan, mission statement and more.
Your brand should be ingrained in everything you do so it makes sense to have a public relations package submitted for consideration. Someone suggested to do this after last year’s awards and we think it’s a brilliant idea.

Lifetime Achievement 3 Letters of Reference

In 2008, we were fortunate to have Bettye Zoller judge this prestigious category, and I credit the idea for having an essay of sorts submitted with the nomination forms to Bettye. When we implemented this, I was amazed to read the letters and how wonderful they were, as was she when judging the category. Each person was asked to describe how they had given back to the youth, their students, and peers in the voice over community.

When receiving the essays, there was one finalist who had asked 3 people to submit on their behalf, which included a letter of reference from a youth, a letter from a student, and a letter from a peer.
This is where the idea to include 3 letters of reference came from.

Best New Voice Age Restriction Lifted

In light of many requests last year, we removed the age restriction from the Best New Voice category which originally was only open to voice talent ages twenty to thirty. This limit was lifted in the midst of nominations last year. Any voice actor ages twenty and up may enter this category.

Judges To Be Announced Shortly

I am more than excited to reveal who the judges will be for the 3rd Annual Voicey Awards. You’ll find out more about this soon.

You Can Now Follow the Voicey Awards on Twitter

If you’re on Twitter, you can follow all the Voicey action here:

Any Questions?

If you have a question about what you’ve read or about the Voiceys in general, you can visit the Voiceys website for more information or leave a comment.
If you have any suggestions you are welcome to share those as well. While I can’t promise that all suggestions will be implemented, I can guarantee that all will be considered.
Best wishes,
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  1. I guess I’m still confused about the body of work. Am I just supposed to submit one spot I recorded? Some of the work I do, video games, etc, there are only little videos put up on youtube.com. And how are other people, such as coaches, etc, supposed to have this created? I mean, the only things I host on my site are my demos because that’s what is most important in getting hired. Are you going to give actors a chance after they are nominated, to put together a body of work for you?

  2. Hi Michelle,
    Thank you for your comment and question.
    To answer your question, we require a link to the actual file. If you have a body of work that you have recorded (i.e. you have the source file of a commercial, character voice, narration, etc.), it would be beneficial to link up all or just a portion of that body of work on your site or Voices.com site temporarily.
    All nominees need to have links to a body of work that they have recorded otherwise the entries will not be accepted because our time reviewing the nominations is limited with no time to follow up on incomplete entries.
    This is why we suggest that it is best to self-nominate as you are most familiar with your work and where it is hosted.

  3. Hi Marc,
    Thank you for asking. That sounds interesting. Provided the content is family friendly, that should be fine. What I’d do is submit both links with your entry, one to the video and one to the audio.

  4. I just received a question via email from someone who was concerned that there was a minimum length of 2 minutes on the body of work to be judged and if works such as commercials, telephone or e-learning could be submitted for consideration.
    Certainly, a body of work could be a commercial or otherwise. It doesn’t have to be over 2 minutes long but it can be no shorter than :30 (30 seconds).
    I suggested in this post that if it were an audiobook or something of that nature that a sample of that work be sent in (i.e. 5 minutes at most). If you’re sending in something like this, definitely make sure that the sample is over 2 minutes long so that those judging can get a good feel for the voice over, its context and message.
    If submitting a shorter body of work (anything between :30 to 5 minutes) link to the work in its entirety.
    Best wishes,

  5. Hi Stephanie,
    Thanks for the clarification.
    One other question: can the body of work only be from the year 2008, or can there be spots in the body of work from previous years?
    Thanks! Caryn

  6. Hi Caryn,
    Thank you for your comment and question.
    The body of work (representative of one project that you completed, not more than one) should be from 2008. The submission needs to be an accurate representation of what you are currently doing. I hope that helps!

  7. Ohhhhhh… I really appreciate the clarification. I didn’t realize the “body of work” was to be just from one project/commercial/promo… whatever the case may be. Hmmmm… gosh, I’m not sure what I’d submit. Let me think about it.
    Thanks Stephanie!!!

  8. Even though I am not nominated this year, I will follow the event really closely, I think it really is a great opportunity to give more and our value to our talents.

  9. Thanks Stephanie. I really hate to bug you on this again…I am getting zeroed in on this, really:). About the body-of-knowledge sample:
    I know you said it had to be from one job, but what if someone has lots and lots of short jobs? Could the Voicey submission be cobbled together into a reel like the demo reels are…as long as each segment is from an actual job? Here’s why I ask.
    I have a really odd collection of gigs, whether it be 110 short commands for a GPS in 4 character voices/impersonations, a monthly e-learning podcast where I have to speak slower than an American typically would, a series of audio-book-like segments for a membership website on male sexual health (yes, that job did come from Voices.com;)), a short radio bumper, podcast intros and outros, etc.
    They really are so different that no one job represents “what I’m currently doing.” Does that make sense? Thanks!
    Guide me, oh wise one:).

  10. Hi Ken,
    Thank you for your question and comment.
    To answer your question and to clarify, the body of work is just 1 work that you did, not a compilation or reel of a collection of works.
    Please choose the one that you feel best exemplifies your talent and include a link to the recording (if the recording is longer than 5 minutes, pick the best 5 minutes and make it a separate file that is linked to in your application).
    Why only 1 body of work? We require just 1 body of work out of respect for time and facilitating objectivity, both for our judges who are volunteering their time and for those who are helping to narrow down the list of nominees to finalists based upon who is following the nomination criteria.
    If you were to submit more than 1 body of work in the same recording, it would be harder to judge and the entry wouldn’t be as focused as it could be, that and the submission would be in violation of the criteria, disqualifying the submission for further consideration.
    Those judging only have time to evaluate one body of work per person and the body of work should represent what you feel your best work was this passed year, even if it is hard to choose just one.
    I trust I have answered your question and hope that my answers have clarified any areas of confusion.
    Thank you,

  11. Hi everyone,
    The reason why I chose the terminology that I did was to discourage demos from being sent in with nominations. I didn’t want to use the word “sample” of work either because that could be misinterpreted to mean “demo”.
    Demos are not being accepted because there is the potential that material on a demo is not authentic and could be only meant to demonstrate what you are capable of, not what you’ve actually done.
    According to some definitions, a body of work can be representative of an artist’s entire output of work, but in this context as it pertains to the Voiceys, the body of work is 1 work, not a collection of works.


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