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Some people have nicknames that they call their studio.

Similarly to how Batman has the Batcave, I’m sure you have a name for where you do your voice over recordings.
What do you call your recording studio?

A return to regularly scheduled programming! I hope you enjoyed the First Look series and are looking forward to the all-new
Now that we’re back on track, I’d love to ask if you have bestowed a term of endearment upon your audio recording studio.

The Hole?

Don LaFontaine called his studio “The Hole”, Beau Weaver calls his studio “My Little Hole” and I’d love to know what you call yours.
What do you refer to your studio as?

Leave a comment and let me know!

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  1. Hello Stephanie! I refer to my studio as “Room 23”, which is a famous room in season #03 of LOST. If you watch LOST, you’ll remember Room #23 as the room where Ben Linus and The Others kept Carl locked away in order for Carl to come away with new thought patterns.
    Although The Others used their Room #23 in seemingly negative ways to change someone’s thoughts, I like to use my Room #23 studio and office as a place to focus my thoughts in positive ways, in hopes of taking my voice-over career to the next level!

  2. Mine is either “the cave,” because it is dark and stuffy, or “the closet” because it is built partially in a closet. My house doesn’t have walk-in closets, so I built four modular walls that extend the closet in our spare bedroom out into the room by about 3 feet. That gives me a nice 6×6 booth without taking up too much of the room. And because the walls are modular, I can re-arrange them if I need to make my work space larger or to open up the room. So, we can still have guests stay in the room when needed, which increases the “wife approval rating” of the booth. It is only sound dampening, rather than sound proof, but on my budget, sound proof wasn’t feasible, anyhow. And the results so far are pretty good.
    It’s still a work in progress at this point. I just bought colored fabric to cover the walls to make them more attractive, and I have a piece of Owens Corning 705 I need to cover and mount behind my mic. I also need to improve my lighting and air circulation so it isn’t so much of a cave. Any suggestions?

  3. My studio is called “IBDY” for Itty Bitty Dirt Yacht. It is a ’77’ Airstream/Argosy 6 Metre Minuet. I find the structure a very relaxing place to be and I work better when relaxed.

  4. Interesting to see how our minds work… 🙂
    Two choices for me: The Salt Mine. This is a reference to “From Russia With Love,” where the main character helping Bond has a beautiful girl on his arm and as he’s walking off with her he says “Well… back to the salt mines…”
    The second: Fortress of Solitude. Any fan of Superman would understand.

  5. My home studio has been called the DigiStudio for the past 15 years. It was somewhat of a way to announce we were coming out of the age of the analog days when it was first built.
    My previous studio at the station was Studio C, which gave it a personality of its own.

  6. Stephanie,
    Funny you should ask…because my wife always says that I’m like Grandpa Munster, always going down to “the dungeon.”
    So the nickname’s stuck: The Dungeon.
    (but it’s actually quite comfy)

  7. Hi Stephanie,
    I call my boooooth (get it-Halloween?) “The Batcave”, or jokingly refer to it as “The Great Abyss” when I have an extremely heavy workload. I have a cool brushed gold engraved-letter nameplate with my name and attached it to the studio door… Love reading these responses. What a funny topic!
    All The Best,
    Bobbin Beam

  8. The Lighthouse.
    I’ve always liked the notion that my work cuts through the fog of everything else on the radio, so I consider my clients as being members of The Lighthouse Group. I can even put a piece of Scripture to it: “Let your light so shine before men…”.
    I add a commercial spin to it:
    “Let your audio so shine before listeners, so that they might know what you do and buy your stuff”.

  9. I call mine “The Voice Pitt” Because I live in a town that I Love, but hate the name of “Pitt Meadows” So this was the best way to make Pitt, sound good!
    Nice to read all the names

  10. My studio is a small room (8 x 8) painted purple and ‘Tinkerbell’ green. It’s walls (those without acoustic foam) are covered with posters,pictures,kid’s drawings, old radio awards, and other stuff including two Fraggles. It’s a busy. cluttered place…just the way I like it!
    The best part of our job is that it is FUN, and we get to do it our own way…more like play than work…so I call my studio room my “Clubhouse”. Only cool kids allowed in. =)

  11. Mine is called LavaShark studio, I have 5 life-sized shark head replicas on the walls, and a collection of 26 lava lamps. I have a shark about 18″ long that has custom flames on it, that one will hang over the door of the booth, when I finish it.

  12. Fun topic!
    Thanks Steph.
    I call mine “The cone of silence” after the item of the same name, from the original Get Smart TV series.
    My “Cone of Silence” is just about as effective as the original and involves about the same amount of silliness sometimes.
    I also refer to it as “My padded room”. Straightjacket optional.

  13. Mine is called the “Cell” as in the padded cell
    it’s small and sounds dead as if you are just talking to yourself, and if you spend too much time in there you will go crazy!!!!
    Gurdy (Sydney)

  14. These are great!
    Dandysound has been our studio name for 10 years.
    I’m Mandy, hubby is Dan, we met in our first audio class in college and we knew the name would work long before we knew we would but we didn’t implement it until we were were really working.

  15. Hi Stephanie,
    I call my home studio “The Concave” because it is more like a cave than a condo.
    I always enjoy your Vox Daily.
    Have a great fall – Pick yourself up and have fun!

  16. Since sometimes I am in my studio for long periods of time…my boyfriend joked about it that I was going into “The Point of No Return”….so hence it has laughingly & lovingly been called “The Point of No Return”…especially when I am very busy doing alot of recordings.

  17. Ah, mine is “The Closet,” to distinguish it from “The Office,” which actually has a window and a window seat. No such luck in the closet, but it is a cozy, personal space with lots of shelving for software, music and SFX libraries, my Joel Whitburn “Top 40 Hits” books (I’m never without them), two really shiny jackets from the two radio stations I worked at in the 70s and 80s… oh, and did I mention it’s full of hanging CLOTHES??? You would be surprised at how all those clothes soak up the sound–free soundproofing! For the walls without clothes I have stapled Sonex to them and then hung all kinds of weird stuff that makes me happy. I would never have a client come in here, but with phone, fax, Internet, email and every other way to connect, there has never been a need. It’s about to get a facelift–what do you think of chartreuse and fuschia? Like real flower power colors!

  18. My studio is called “The Cave”. It came from my Father’s studio, which was called his cave. He always called it the cave, when he would go down and go to work. As long as I could remember, that’s what he called it. When I took it over after his death, I continued in that Tradition, and Have always continued to call it “The Cave Studios”. Now that I’m in Oregon, I’ve also called it “The Oregon Cave” 🙂
    Health and Happiness to everyone!

  19. I never considered calling my “studio” anything other than “the office” since that’s where the computer and my recording equipment are set up.
    I do, however, have a nickname as my “company” name: C-Plus Productions. I started using it as a private gag in the late 90’s in reference to the fact that at college I took on so many extracurricular activities that my grades suffered and I was just barely squeaking by on C’s most of the time. And when I made a “C+” it was cause for celebration.
    – Craig Crumpton

  20. I’ve just named mine after reading these posts. From now on my studio is called my Tardis. The Dr. Who Tardis is small on the outside and big on the inside.
    I’m a big Dr. Who fan and my studio is little — — but big voice over things happen in there that bring me prosperity happiness and an opportunity to be of service!

  21. I’ve lived in Morayshire on the north east coast of scotland for around 6 years. The local dialect is called Doric and it takes a while to tune into this sound.
    Fraser and Wendy have 5 children including twins Chloe and Charlotte. Every time the family visit the twins love to record themselves singing. The request to use my “broadcast standard audio recording facilities” is always the same.
    “Philip, can we go in your Wee Huttie?” From the first time I heard this phrase my voice booth was renamed – The wee huttie

  22. I call my studio… functional. That’s about it. I try not to name too many inanimate objects in my life. Keeps things simpler. I also don’t have to worry about offending the room or incurring its wrath by accidentally blurting out another room’s name during our frequent liasons in the booth.

  23. I refrained from calling my studio “The Garage” as there was a pro studio here in LA (run by Tori Hartman) called the garage 247. I recently received an email from Tori announcing the new name for her studio “The blessed garden of sound” So now my studio is officially The Garage. This is most fitting as my studio is not only in the garage but it is in the back of the garage, so you need to walk past three or four motorcycles at any given time to enter the studio, HA!


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