What Kind of VOs have you been doing this month?

Before November passes us by, be sure to let me know about the various projects you’ve been involved in.

Is This Mic On?

I’d love to hear more about what has kept you busy voicing in November.
Whatever you’ve been up to, know that you can share it here, regardless of where you got the work. Sometimes people think they can only comment if they got the work at but I want to assure you that you may comment if you’re sharing stories about work you’ve received through your agent or by your own methods.

What Kind Of Voice Overs Were In Demand This Month?

Let’s hear it! Leave a comment 🙂
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  1. It’s been a wild and crazy month with a great variety of projects. And I’m thankful for every one!
    It seems this month has been even more diverse than usual. I’ve voiced everything from numerous lengthy e-learning projects for several different clients to political spots (even last week! lots of run offs) to Holiday jewelry commercials, to complete telephone system revamps for several clients to monthy on hold messaging for regular clients to museum character narrations to multiple fundraising and awards narrations and PSAs to several crazy character spots for different clients and even a Scottish dialect for a commercial.
    In addition to the e-learning which was huge this mornth, it seems that there were so many more requests for character voices in commercials. I was also told by a studio that they’ve seen an overall increase in radio advertising recently which I thought was very interesting…….

  2. Just this morning I was asked to introduce the president!! He and Mrs Bush are going to some event for Aids Day on Monday Dec 1 in Washington, DC., and a production house I work with seems to get a lot of these kinds of jobs. So I read a script talking about how you can help with the 5 big issues facing the planet….and then I introduce the president of the United States and his wife!
    This is the second time recently I’ve done something like that. I also was honored to introduce the presidential candidates at the Saddleback Forum held before the election in southern California!
    I am so very thankful for every client and potential client. Everytime I audition I need to keep in mind that this could be the start of a great relationship!
    larry wayne

  3. It’s been a great 2008! Many, many thanks to my new friends for whom I have done voice work.
    Recent jobs include my second and third video games, one of which can be downloaded on line; in that one, I play the lead male who the game-player is searching for, and I play a silly robot and an alien. In the other game, I was asked to do eleven different voices – now that was FUN! Just the other day, I completed work on my second audio book, “Chaos in the Ashes” by William W. Johnstone – that’s the second in a series of what might end up totalling be about 30 books. Amazing how the characters start becoming a part of a reader; I can’t tell you how many times I’ve jumped into character with my family and friends.
    I am so very thankful for all of the work I have received this year!

  4. Hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving …
    November began with an all out attack of gremlins in my hardware. It’s taken a few weeks, but I think the little devils have all been slain and I’m back on track recording an audio book (the first of three).
    I’m between ‘cyber’ agents at this time. I let my ‘free’ subscription run out at V123. Though they did throw many audition opportunities my way, most were for little or no money. Granted, I’m relatively new to the VO business, and I should probably jump on every opportunity I see, but I wonder about the ramifications to the industry as a whole if I do …
    That being said, I’m going to give a try real soon (sooner if they’d offer a free month or two …. hint, hint ;o)
    Warmest Regards,
    Ran Alan Ricard

  5. November has been very exciting for me professionally. My recording studio in Dallas has been busy and I’ve enjoyed my audio engineering work so much. Everything from creating voiceover demos for my clients to editing an audio book to corporate training and e-learning editing has kept me very busy. I was honored to sing the title song of a new cartoon created by a major Hollywood film production company whose name the whole world knows…(cannot reveal the name)—and to narrate a new children’s educational project for the under-five set. I’ve voiced lots of corporate training for my main client (under a non-disclosure agreement so can’t name names). My voiceover workshop in Dallas (The Business of Voiceovers) was a huge success and my date for repeating it in Dallas has been set for January 24. On January 25 in Dallas, I teach Narration for Corporate Projects, Film, TV, and Audio Books. Out-of-towners attending the weekend can take advantage of both seminars while in town! Then, on February 28, in Dallas, I present my Characters and Cartoon Voices Workshop. I have exciting news to reveal soon about teaching in New York City in 2009 so watch my site for details.I’m in Europe most of December, Germany and Austria. I will report on European voiceovers and my activities there after 2009 begins. Happy Holidays everyone and blessings!

  6. I had the good fortune of voicing for Cartier and Tourneau along with Don Morrow, also a jumbotron series for The Red Bull World Drifting Championships in Long Beach California. More race narration/commentator episodes for the Drift Style series airing on RUSH HD Network and another Audi spot for Weeks Auto Group that is becoming a regular client for me thanks to
    Happy and Safe Holidays to all.

  7. Larry Wayne had a COOOOOL job…good for you Larry!
    I had a less presidential month, but some fun sessions none the less. The Spherion Orlando Citrus Parade airing on ABC at the end of December afforded me the opportunity to voice the intro/bumpers/coming ups etc. It’s hosted by Extreme Makeover Home Edition’s Paige Hemmis and the host of The Bachelor. The intro is completed and delivered but the bumpers etc. will be done in Dec. I was also asked to voice a bio for NASCAR’s Kyle Petty as he travels around the nation promoting his Victory Junction Gang Camp for needy children. As a huge NASCAR fan, this was a joy for me. I also did a promo for The University of Nebraska Husker Basketball team, among my repeat client work…a really good month considering the economy!

  8. During this season of giving thanks, I sure am grateful for all the VO work the Lord has blessed me with! During November I have narrated a huge 3-part staff training project for Disney (always love getting those!); two book promos for the Scholastic Book Fairs; several cleverly funny commercials for the Bakersfield Californian; a monthly TV ad for a local magazine; and Phase Two of the 8D World’s ESL videogame for children. I booked the latter one through last August (Phase One), and I sure am proud to be a part of this excellent project! (I’ve had the fun of creating numerous characters.) :o)
    I’m also very thankful for the group at! I never cease to be amazed at how hard you work for all of us! I really appreciate all your help, and I LOVE your re-engineered design!
    God Bless!
    Lori Taylor

  9. Hi
    Well My SCREAMING car ads have come to a halt because
    of the economy….less car Dealers advertising
    Did get repeat work for PIEPER VIDEO
    Sure hope THE NEW VOICES.COM is FULLY up to
    Speed with LOTS of JOB auditions like BEFORE the Change… this week??
    Happy Holidays

  10. Hi Joe,
    Thank you for your comment. This past week has been a bit slow for approving job opportunities (due to ironing out some remaining unforeseen issues) and we anticipate that things will be back to normal this week.

  11. I am also VERY thankful for everything this holiday…my family first and foremost– but also for some neat voiceover opportunities (many thru I’ve landed some great instructional video narration this month for Luxxotica Retail, voice and production work for the University of Flordia, and some voice work for a Fortune 500 client that I cant even mention (those darn NDA’s! :). All the best to everyone trying to earn a buck in this great business!
    God Bless, BRIAN

  12. Hi Stephanie – Some interesting new gigs in November which included narrating an in vitro fertilization training piece for interns, another on corporate business ethics and a third, web-based and trade show overview on a new hand-held device which can scan packages to determine, for example, if it contains aspirin, baby formula or anthrax. Very cool technology and a wide diversity of VO jobs.
    Enjoy the week!

  13. …got word not long ago that the US Fish & Wildlife project I narrated for the Kodiak National Refuge won two Telly awards; all involved seemed pleased, and a couple even commented on the narrative. Nice resume credit.
    …and I’m just finishing up the narration and audio sweetening for a two-hour PBS-TV documentary, “Paving The Way,” which was one of three selected by American Public Television as “Exchange Headliners” during the recent APT Fall Marketplace. Should air in your market during Spring or Summer of this season. I anticipate some spinoff work from this; another great credit.
    …neither job came to me through, which makes me wonder what I’m doing — or saying — wrong to the potential clients on because I don’t seem to be getting a thing here. Is it possible for you to look at my auditions and the proposals I send and offer a critique? Suggestions welcome.
    …continued success.

  14. Dear Stephanie,
    Good Day to you.
    It’s been a struggle finding work but have managed to get IVR’s for software companies.
    Shilpi Rahi

  15. Hi Stephanie,
    This is the first time I’ve responded to this although I’ve been a member of for over 8 months. I had a great month –I voiced the movie trailer “Dance Flick” that went into theaters last weekend in front of “Twilight”. This is the first theatrical trailer I’ve done in a while and it’s great see it and have my friends see it as well. The job came through my agent and manager as well as my own efforts. I’m pleased with my work on the trailer and grateful for it finishing.
    Leo Donato

  16. Congratulations to you all on some wonderful news. Also, thanks for the shout out Mike! That’s the closest I’ve ever been to Seattle, myself 😉

  17. My big November job was to narrate the audio book published as part of Tommy Banks’ “Inner Sanctum” membership site, published by kuro-communications. The job was posted through and caught my eye because it had a bit of a warning on it;). That was certainly different! It said something like…”not for the feint of heart.” Naturally I had to check into it.
    It turns out that Tommy Banks is a veteran of the….ahem….adult film industry. His “Inner Sanctum” is a group of clients he consults with on sexual health. It’s a documentary, designed to help people, but WOW! was it a unique experience for me. I loved it.
    Then in addition, I continue to work three regular jobs that I first got through a year ago: the PIGTones GPS 3rd Party Voice company and the Workplace English Training monthly podcast. I’ve even started a new business as a partner to one of my former clients! gave me the opportunity of a lifetime! Thanks!!
    Ken Theriot


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