audio™connell logoFinally, some closure!
Peter O’Connell published a podcast over the weekend revealing the winners of the Unofficial NBC News Announcer contest he was running at
Find out who won here.

I’m pleased to help announce the winners of the audioconnell Unofficial NBC Nightly News Announcing contest.
With 60 entrants and over 154 votes, the results are as follows:
1st Place: David Houston
2nd Place: Bruce Miles
3rd Place: Connie Terwilliger

Congratulations to David Houston, Bruce Miles and Connie Terwilliger… as Peter said, although this contest may not change anything at NBC, you’ve truly made an impact and your talents known through this unique contest.

P.S. One short note to end off. On the voxmarketising podcast, Peter shares the stage with a female announcer each episode. The first episode featured the British voice talents of Sarah Parnell and the episode I’ve directed you to listen to features the VO-BB’s DB Cooper!

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  1. Steph-
    Thanks so much for the pub, it’s greatly appreciated!
    If anybody’s looking for the directly link to the post Stephanie is talking about, you can find it here:
    And if you were going to subscribe to only two blogs as part of your VO education resolution in 2008, they should be vox daily and
    In fact, pretty much any blog with vox in the title should do the trick I guess 😉
    Best always
    – Peter

  2. A tip of the hat once again to Peter O’Connell, whom I maintain is the real winner here. A terrific idea and a great deal of fun for all.
    Many thanks to all who saw fit to give me a nod, and I remain humbled to even be considered a peer among such fine talents.


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