Herb Merriweather Voice Talent AvatarAre you ever too old to learn?

Find out what Herb Merriweather, voice of many video game characters, medical documentaries and voice of “The Iguana Summer King” in the “Vipo, the Flying Dog” series, has discovered and how his realizations can help you too, whether young or young at heart.

You’re Never Too Old Too Get Better

By Herb Merriweather
I just spent the morning going to school. An incredible battery of courses that included insight, product knowledge, specific training tips AND tons of encouragement! I’ve been taking notes, fine tuning my approach, gleaning knowledge and having a great time doing it.
Many years ago I attended and “graduated” from a broadcasting school but it was nothing like the free 1 hour “slingshot effect” course I just took here on Voices.com.
I highly recommend to all my colleagues to take advantage of what has been prepared for us. You will gain immensely from the podcasts and lessons available. This is my humble effort to share what I’VE learned.


We are each presenting a slickly packaged, highly specialized product to customers who are literally shopping for what they want and need. And as is evidenced by the generosity of the instructors involved- we have the freedom to help each other to succeed. That’s awesome…!


Our demo is our business card to the entire world. Nobody orders just 10-25 business cards. Usually the number is anywhere from 100-500 and up. Why? So we can pass out every one of those puppies to people, businesses, clients, friends, enemies, and family to get the word out. I mean… that IS what we do! Also learned that the demo itself should be a fun filled, well thought out, “tour-de-force”. So, in the words of the late Jack Buck “Go Crazy, Folks”… do a demo that highlights your strengths and pass it around. Post it, send it, e-mail it, snail-mail it, carrier pigeon it, put it on the back of a mule for goodness sake! Release your talent to the world!


This last one is a personal nugget that I hope can help as we travel together. I have worked with some of the nicest, most patient, most talented (OMG!) people since my tenure here on Voices.com began 8 months ago. One thing we should never lose is the “Gee Whiz” factor. When I look around at the projects I’ve been honored and blessed to be a part of, I can only say “Gee Whiz” with my mouth hangin’ open.

This is such a cool thing to be able to do. “Gee Whiz” just embodies gratitude, wonder, excitement and a desire to be involved even more!
Thank you all for allowing this hopefully constructive rant to permeate your collective beings (?) and if you are starving for entertainment listen to the “Voices In Revolt” demo on my webpage. Just tryin’ to pass out some cards…
Herb Merriweather

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  1. What a very nice bit of positive reinforcement for Herb to share in what I’m sure is limited spare time. And I’m STILL chuckling at the Voices in Revolt.


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