In the month of July, a delegation of the most innovative tech companies in Ontario have been participating in the premier educational forum in Anaheim, California, known as SIGGRAPH 2013. The collection of companies traveled together with the objective to draw inspiration from the accomplishments of over 20,000 creative and technical professionals, and apply their accumulated knowledge to their own successful organizations in Canada.

The conference, defined as “a meeting place to turn imagination and dreams into reality” was the ideal place for the traveling band of tech visionaries to build new relationships and to explore emerging concepts.’s CEO and CMO, David and Stephanie Ciccarelli, networked with the companies who use voice-overs for their projects. As David pointed out, “There were a lot of incredible companies present who cover the visual, but we are the only company that represents the audio, and we are pleased to add that aspect to the open dialogue about the industry’s many pieces that has been ongoing this entire week.”

Adam Little, a rep from another London, Ontario company, IO Industries, expressed pleasure about the global reach at SIGGRAPH, stating that “I had a great introduction to Pixel Link, Brazil.” He also attributes the success of the mission to the organizer, Mauricio Ospina, the Area Director for the ICT sector, from the Ministry of Economic Development.

The Co-Founder and Producer at Cinema Suite Inc., Ben Sainsbury, also experienced success in outreach efforts; “We have secured two new American technology partners that will help accelerate our product development and we have met with several large distributors that are interested in helping take our products to new markets. None of these opportunities would have been possible had we not been a part of the Ontario delegate.” Cinema Suite creates 3D applications for Videogame Designers and Filmmakers.

Other members of the Ontario delegation that attended SIGGRAPH 2013 shared their favourite highlights, touching on the business development opportunities to be had.

Steph Brown of Myplanet Digital, a rapidly growing design & technology company specializing in the process and practice of envisioning, designing and building digital products spoke on behalf of the company. She explained, “for us, the highlight of SIGGRAPH was being a part of the Ontario Delegation and discussing business opportunities with so many other thriving tech companies.”

“Our SIGGRAPH 2013 highlight has been meeting key executives in the film industry which will allow us to begin conversations regarding partnerships,” says Sami Siddique, the President and CEO of Synaptop, who founded a platform for multimedia real time collaboration in applications between users and devices on the cloud.

Toronto’s Arc Productions, a 3d animation and visual effects studio, summed up the experience the best. The company’s Manager of Sales and Communications declared that, “It was great to spend time with our peers and represent Ontario at the show while connecting with some interesting leads.”

SIGGRAPH 2013 attracts the leaders of the industry, and our Ontario tech companies are driving the standard. The Ontario delegation arrived back in the country and brought with them not only new contacts, but also an experience that will shape the future of their respective companies.


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