Pablo FranciscoPablo Francisco is one of the funniest comedians around who just can’t get the voices straight in his head.

One minute he’s Arnold Schwarzenegger and the next he’s Al Pacino as Tony Montana in “Scarface.” Francisco bases his high-energy comedy act around clever and well-rehearsed voice impersonations and his incredible beatboxing abilities.

And he’s bringing it all to the Brea Improv this weekend.

Francisco hits the stage like a tornado and the audience never knows which personality is going to break through next. He has quite a few impressions in his arsenal including Casey Kasem, Kermit the Frog and Keanu Reeves.

He also imitates dramatic scenes from Spanish soap operas on Telemundo and does impressions of former girlfriends, the most popular being Rosa. Of all his impressions, Francisco is most known for doing the voice of “the movie guy” Don LaFontaine.

“I was at his house about four weeks ago and he just said, ‘I’ve always wanted someone to do me’ and he said it was an honor to have someone doing his voice,” Francisco said. “Then he pulled out a camera really quick, and took a photo of me then showed me his in-home studio. Strange, but I got like a four-hour tour, it was so great.”

Francisco is currently working on his Chris Rock impression as well as the voice of the deep-voiced actor from the All-State Insurance commercials and he’s trying to nail down the different voices from “Transformers.”

Even with all of his success, Francisco remains humble. He’s known for being super fan-friendly and will say anybody’s name on the street in “the movie guy” voice just for kicks.



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