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Industry Research
The 2020 Trends Report is Here!

Make 2020 your most successful year yet. Learn about media trends impacting your industry, including advertising, marketing and voice over.

nonprofit advertising
How Tos
How to Advertise for Nonprofit Organizations

Five steps to follow to ensure that your nonprofit advertising campaign is a hit and reaches as many potential donors as possible.

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Recording and Creating Audio Ads

Studies show that online audio ads may be more effective than TV or traditional radio advertising. Learn how to create yours now!

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Voice Over
Dramatically Improve Your Voice Over Auditions

Want book more of the jobs that you audition for? Mission Audition gives you a backstage pass to what people want to hear (and what books!).

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Creative Inspiration
Commercial Voice Over: Communicating in a Commercial

In today's digital age, the number of ways to create and disseminate commercials is growing. Learn more about ad mediums in this article.

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How Tos
Giving Your Video Game Character a Voice

Designing a video game character that will resonate with your audience includes giving your video game character a voice.

Radio scripts
Voice Over Script Considerations for Advertising and Radio Campaigns

Writing a radio ad script? Learn about soft and hard sells, how long a radio ad should be, and how to find the the best voice.

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Voice Over
How Can You Get Great Voice Over Talent to Audition...

In searching for a voice actor who will be perfect for your job, you want to make sure that you are setting talent up for success.

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Tips and Tricks
Hiring a VO? 5 Tips to Set Your Voice Over Project Up...

Save time and money. These 5 tips for Voices clients can help you get your voice over project completed efficiently and effectively.

Digital network
Voice Over
What is an Audio Ad Network?

Read more about audio ad networks, how they work, and how you can take advantage, including examples of targeted ad providers.

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How Tos
How to Sound Like a Girl

As professionals in vocal performance and voice over, we’ll break down the characteristics of a feminine voice and how you can achieve it.

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Voice Over
The Art of the Audition: How to Make the Most of Your...

Auditioning for voice over jobs can sometimes feel a little overwhelming. Follow these audition tips to make the process less daunting.

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