Voicedude Reinoir on Paisley Beebe showOn March 16th, voice actor Ari Ross was featured in an online televised interview in Second Life, an online virtual world, on the show “Tonight Live With Paisley Beebe“.

If you are not in Second Life, here is another way that you can see or even download Ari’s (aka Voicedude Reinoir) appearance on the Beebe show at present.

You can also get the show downloaded free in your iTunes by searching for “Paisley Beebe” to watch the avatar “Voicedude Reinoir” doing voices and talking about the beginnings of Ari Ross’ career and more.

Ari Ross mentioned, “It really felt like I was on TV in a way (thousands of people will see it in reruns in SL, on iTunes and at SLCN.TV) as there was a studio, director, sound guy, cameras, props (couches, stage, plants, etc.) and a darn good host (from Australia). We even had rehearsals, blocking and everything.”

Source: Voicedude Reinoir AKA Ari Ross



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