Game On at Pat Fraley’s Game World!

Acquire the performance and marketing skills you need on how to get to Gaming Producers and
Casting People BEFORE they throw the work to the Northern Hemisphere!
Be in a position to list the best teachers in the industry, and be trained in the best facility in Los Angeles. “Who Trained You” makes a difference to Producers, Casting People, and Agents.
This is the inside track on how you can be prepared and participate in the largest and fastest growing area in the entire entertainment industry: Voicing Characters for Gaming.
This single area of entertainment will SURPASS the MOVIE INDUSTRY in two to three years.
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Instructors at Game World, the Ultimate Video Game Voice Over Event

David Fries, Event Teacher. David casts and directs for the largest gaming company in the world, Electronic Arts. David brings with vast experience to our event. He knows just what producers are listening for when casting, and will deliver the “real deal” as he directs participants. His credits include the popular series of Lord of the Rings and Command and Conquer.

Vanessa Marshall, Guest Artist. Game Producers all the way down to Serious Gamers know the name, Vanessa Marshall. Vanessa voices the very best projects in gaming, such as, No More Heroes, Spider-Man 3, Metal Gear Solid, Forgotten Realms, James Bond 007, and over a dozen characters on Everquest II. Vanessa will be on hand to share her process in performing voices for gaming and sharing the inside track on delivering what Gaming Producers insist upon, particularly for women.

Patrick Fraley, Event Teacher. Patrick brings 35 years experience as a voice talent and teacher to this event. Patrick and two other performers created all the voices for the new, unique game for Electronic Arts’ Spore, which has just has just been released. Patrick has performed in some of the most successful games in the history of the genre, such as The Knights of the Old Republic, Terminator 3, Star Wars Rogue Squadron III, Evil Dead, Toy Story Racer, Escape from Monkey Island, and Full Throttle.


๏ Acquire the knowledge on how to work the Gaming Industry, network, and get your skills known to those who produce and cast.
๏ Learn how to deliver evocative performances for the unique demands of gaming.
๏ Record your best tracks in pristine sound, many of which may be used in your demo tracks to show off your abilities to those that cast and direct.
๏ Receive a comprehensive workbook on Gaming, and mastered, mixed, recorded tracks.

$595. Cash, Check or Credit Card.
Payment schedules upon request

World Famous Buzzy’s Recording
6900 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90038

9:30 – 6:00 Sunday, October 12, 2008
To Enroll:
Email or call (818) 400-3733

The Great Vancouver Character and Accent Event

Pat Fraley will be hosted by Debbie Munro at Voice Pitt Studios near Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada. Both Pat and Debbie are featured on the Voice Over Experts podcast.
To listen to Pat Fraley’s lectures, click here:
Pat Fraley on Voice Over Experts
To listen to Debbie Munro’s lectures, click here:
Debbie Munro on Voi`ce Over Experts

Day One: Creating Character Voices

๏ Record in a professional ensemble cast animation track recording session.
๏ Learn how to break the character voice down and manipulate the six elements for versatility and separation.

๏ Create unique, evocative character voices from visual, oral, and written sources.
๏ Learn to develop the critical œPsychological Agendas for your characters.
๏ Identify Character Archetypes, the “Casting Common Denominator” for Interactive, Commercials and Animation. à¹ Includes Event Workbook, and your recorded tracks.

Day Two: Accent on Dialects

The first and only Dialect System designed specifically to address the rapid demands of the voice over industry.
๏ Record your best efforts at British, Russian, Irish, German, & N.Y.
๏ How to effectively come up with a viable, essential dialect within an hour.
๏ Learn the top requested characters by Casting People & Producers for each dialect.
๏ Where to find authentic research resources in minutes.
๏ Insider techniques on preparing and performing dialects.
๏ Includes Event Workbook, and your recorded tracks.

$695. Cash, Check, Credit Card
Payment schedules upon request.

Hosted by Deb Munro
Voice Pitt Studios
#68 19160 119th Ave.
Pitt Meadows, B.C. V3Y 2L7

9:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Saturday & Sunday, October, 25-26, 2008

To Enroll:
E-mail or call (818) 400-3733
Limited to twelve participants.

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