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Are you interested in character voice acting for animation?

Great actors on deathbeds have said “Dying is easy, Comedy is hard”. Although that is true, you can learn how to be comical and it doesn’t have to take years to do.
In Pat Fraley’s workshop, “The Silly, The Serious, and The Subtle” we explored character voice acting for the morning and I’d like to share some wisdom with you. Today, we’ll look at The Silly!

Meat and Potatoes

Last weekend, we were fortunate to attend a workshop by Pat Fraley in Buffalo at Chameleon Communications hosted by Toni Silveri of All Coast Talent.

As he opened, Pat said that he likes working with Toni for a number of reasons, also sharing that the unique thing about Toni is that she teaches things you won’t find in other workshops.
Something you should know about Pat’s workshops is that he teaches systemic, practical things that you won’t hear in big production centers in Hollywood. These are the systemic things that will help you get times of difficulty and even through a recession.
I’ve included some of Pat’s tips below but am saving some for you to discover should you take one of his classes (something I highly recommend).

5 Tips For How To Become Silly

๏ Watch cartoons
๏ Gather character research
๏ Listen to things you want to be doing
๏ Look at cast lists
๏ Don’t be afraid to explore your voice

It’s All About Process

Some of the most brilliant people walk the line between genius and stupidity, and many of those geniuses take more time to get things right in the booth than most other people.
When you make mistakes recording, don’t be sorry, but realize that it’s all about the process.
The best in the business, including celebrity voice actors like Lily Tomlin and Richard Horvitz, aren’t satisfied with the first few takes but go for more because they know that it’s all about the process.

Upon making that distinction, you’ll find that performance is a kinder and gentler place to live where your mistakes are processed and not chastised.

Let Go, Make Art!

Shake off your inhibitions and you’ll be able to make art. You’ve got to turn off the internal safety or governor that dictates what your limitations are and open up to experiencing new, even silly things.
Let it be known that if you don’t want to try things you will not achieve brilliance.

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  1. I love this article. The parents of my son’s friends think I am crazy when I talk about how Spongebob is the best cartoon. I feel sorry for them for becoming such boring grown-ups. I always pay attention to cartoons and find that my kids are the best inspiration for voicing a new cartoon charater. Also, it is a great reminder to never accept the first take. The process will always reveal more than you think you can create.


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