Belgian Malinois Dog microphoneHave any pictures of your pets recording in the studio?

Do your furry friends love to hear your voice through headphones?
Many voice over professionals have pets that make appearances in the studio. Perhaps you can identify with this!
In today’s VOX Daily, you’ll get to meet a number of critters and learn more about how these pets interact with their owners while in studio.
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Audio Animals!

When you are a voice over artist working from home, sometimes it’s not just your equipment that purrs! Today, I’m featuring a number of pictures as sent in by members of their pets in a home recording studio environment.

Izzy in the Cans!

Izzy in cans
Found one of my cats, Izzy (the cross-eyed one) up on the desk as usual, but with her head in the cans!
Carole Richards

Kaytee During Studio Renos

Kaytee in studio
This is Kaytee on the studio floor when my studio was under construction.
Terry Daniel

Dali Helping Out

Dali the cat helping out in the audio recording studio
This is only one of the 4 that reside here (Dali), but this was the one who at that moment chose to sit in front of the monitor.
Ken Maxon

Fancy Checks In

Fancy the Black Labrador
While I wasn’t recording at the time I took this photo in February 2006, it’s not unusual for my black Labrador retriever Fancy to check on me in my office from time to time. In this photo, she was sniffing a new camera the UPS man had just delivered. Many times I’ve been concentrating on my computer screen only to be startled by a wet nose bumping the side of my leg as a signal for an outdoor break. What I don’t understand is how she knows I need an outdoor break. Now that she’s older – she’ll be 14 in June – an issue I have is her lying down beside me, falling fast asleep and …. snoring! I think I’ll keep her anyway.
Tim Lasseter

Cosmo and Kramer

Cosmo and Kramer
I have two cats, Cosmo and Kramer, who are obsessed with me and despise my microphone. When they see it, they know they will not have my full attention. They respond by having a fit and meowing constantly.
Michelle Falzon

Serious Vanity’s Kitties Come Out to Play!

Dana Detrick shared a number of photos with me of her kitties in studio. Here are a number of cute photographs that some of you may get a kick out of.


Conner kitty cat tabby
Our old studio, with Conner warming the cheapie pre-amp. Who needs Phantom Power when you can have Tabby Power?


Heidi resting on the mixing board
Old studio, with my favorite co-producer ever at the board, Heidi. My mixes aren’t the same without her. :*(


Nora cat microphone
Current studio, Nora in the booth: “Line, please!”
From what I can see, all of the pets featured in this article are very interested in what their masters are doing and want to be part of the action!
In future, I’d like to do more of these articles so if you have any funny stories about your pets acting up in studio or anecdotes you’d like to share, be sure to write to me at
Warm wishes,
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  1. Love seeing the photos of everyone else’s furry friends. We surely have some sweet creatures who like to hang out with us.

  2. I have never thought to take any photo of them but they are in with me my cat and dog taken their places when I go to the studio. I do however tell them any noise and they’re out of the studio and they are as good as gold.


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