Pierce BrosnanWhat does 007 do after retiring?
Pierce Brosnan, known in North America for his former roles of James Bond and Remington Steele, has now moved on to greener pastures, literally.
Meet the new voice and narrator of Thomas & Friends.

Thomas & Friendsâ„¢ has just received a new, British voice to lead them into the next phase of their series. HIT Entertainment has recently announced that actor Pierce Brosnan signed on as the new voice of the Narrator in the award-winning children’s DVD and television series Thomas & Friends.

Pierce Brosnan has already started production in London and will make his debut in œThomas & Friends: The Great Discovery a direct to DVD special, set for release in the US and UK in Autumn 2008. Pierce Brosnan will provide the voice over for all English-language releases for the brand, including three upcoming Thomas & Friends television series and three DVD specials.

Famous Thomas & Friends alumni include former Beatle Ringo Starr, Comedian George Carlin, Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin, Bronx native Michael Brandon and the Michael Angelis of the UK who have all voiced the role of the Narrator in the United Kingdom and in the US. Thomas & Friends is Live Action and is shot in High-Definition technology at Shepperton Studios in the UK. Thomas & Friends can be seen on Nick Jr. and FIVE in the UK, and PBS and PBS KIDS SproutSM in the US.

Thomas & FriendsThomas & Friends is one of the most beloved and recognized brands worldwide inviting children to enter a world of imagination through the tracks of a train and the words of a story. Thomas the Tank Engine was originally created by a father for his son. Today, families in more than 140 countries and 25 languages enjoy fun and adventure with their engine friends while experiencing timeless life lessons of discovery, friendship and cooperation.

Pierce Brosnan commented, “One of my fondest memories as a father was sharing the stories of Thomas the Tank Engine and watching the series with my children when they were young. I am thrilled by the opportunity to be the Narrator for this beloved series, following in the shoes of so many famous names, and helping introduce Thomas & Friends to many more generations of children.”

Bruce Steinberg CEO HIT Entertainment commented, “To say we are thrilled that Pierce Brosnan is the new Narrator of Thomas & Friends is an understatement. Pierce brings a wealth of acting experience to the role, as well as a unique voice that children and parents around the world will recognize and trust. Pierce’s contribution to Thomas & Friends will go a long way in maintaining this iconic character as one of the most loved children’s brands in the world. I would like to also take this opportunity in thanking Michael Angelis and Michael Brandon for their significant contribution to Thomas & Friends. They have set the standard for future Narrators.”
To learn more about HIT Entertainment and read the full press release, visit the HIT Entertainment website.
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  1. Regardless of who voices Thomas, the show will naturally and virtually attract the eyes and hearts of kids. It is one of the few, most loved animated trains that children watches, collects and plays with. As most people have seen, there were so many actors who played the voice of Thomas, the show still ends up being great. But Pierce Brosnan made a good Thomas.


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